EY in Aberdeen v Grant Thornton in Edinburgh

Grant Thornton


I’ve been offered a role in Assurance with EY in Aberdeen. I have an AC with GT coming up and want to know what people thought about whether the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to in business experience and exposure only, not the city itself (As Edinburgh wins easily!). EY is heavily focused on Oil and Gas in Aberdeen and that concerns me a little. Thanks!


As far as I’m aware, EY salary is significantly higher than GT, and Aberdeen salary is also significantly higher than Edinburgh. Also, you dont need to travel much if work in Aberdeen since O&G clients are in the city. For Edinburgh, client base vary and it’s quite often that you stay in hotel located in a middle of nowhere during weeks. Focusing on O&G, to me, is a good point. O&G clients are usually internationally operated and you will have more international exposure, more international work opportunities, knowledge, etc. Conversely, GT’s clients are usually mid-tier and domestic companies. In conclusion, EY, by all means.


hi mate.
sorry for unethical question but approximately how much is salary offered by EY?