EY graduate scheme offer accepted but can I look elsewhere or ask for an upgrade now Iv recieved better than expected grades?


I have been lucky enough to secure myself a graduate scheme with EY for September 2016, following my partner interview as we had discussed travelling and he was more than willing for me to take a year out. Although I am thrilled to have accepted the offer I actually recieved a first instead of my predicted 2.1 and I’m now questioning my choices, Would an email to my recruitment agent at EY explaining my desire to kick start my career and progress as quickly as possible and given my results and my current situation of a long term relationship could my programme be moved to London in either 2015 or 2016? The problem is I don’t want to seem rude to the Newcastle office as it is a brilliant place to work im sure but I would rather be in london. Secondly where do I stand on employment laws given I’v signed a contract as my second option would be to search for the very few schemes still open in london (Citibank, accenture) and hopefully start as soon as possible
Thank you for any advice


Excuse me for the late response. I am not certain about my answers but as an employee of one of the big 4 I can provide you with my opinion/experience. I very much doubt that you will be able to transfer offices without going through the entire application process again/or at least without a significant excuse for example - family moving to London and NEED to move with them.
Being brutally honest, you’re pushing your luck if you’re considering asking for a move/special treatment simply because you attained a better grade. You are the one who applied to the Newcastle office, not them.