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Like does it mean that I’m through to the AC but they haven’t got any fixed dates yet or have they still not decided who’s been selected for the final stage?..


I assume you are through, i only got an email saying that they’ll make a decision soon. Heard nothing since…


Have anyone heard back from EY regarding the upcoming April AC yet? :open_mouth:


Mine still says under review … starting to think it’s not good now


This for all those who are confused about stage 3/4 Current status messages. I have been through the entire process and know the differences between each updated message.

“EY Experience Day - Under Review” - Means you scored highly enough to meet the benchmark, but an AC is NOT guaranteed. Depending on how well you scored against others and how competitive the intake is you will receive a further update to confirm your attendance.

“Congratulations you have been invited to an EY Experience Day” - The status is something along those lines, and means you ARE going to an assessment centre and therefor have been successfully shortlisted.


“Thank you for attending the assessment centre, we’ll be in touch with an update soon”. Depending on if you had your partner interviews at the AC, EY will be in touch in the following:

If you had your partner interview at the AC and they liked you and scored highly at the AC you should receive an offer within 2 days.

If you did not have your partner interview, however scored highly at the AC, EY will be touch to arrange for your partner interview, either in person or skype.

If you scored averagely (Partner didn’t go to plan) but you scored well on the others, it can take up to 10ish days for EY to get back to you depending again how other scored against you.

If you completely messed the AC then rejections can be done within a few days.

After receiving an offer , I don’t think it matters what the current status is, as CONGRATS you got it lol.


following the 11th march AC, has anyone had their partner interview yet? All I got was an email saying someone would be in touch to arrange it 4 weeks ago :confused:


Yeah I had mine on the 26th March… still haven’t heard back from it though :man_shrugging:t4: You should probably give them a call


Does everyone receive the AC in 23rd of April?


Did you get invited for the AC on the 23rd? What business area did you apply for? I got another email saying they’re still reviewing applications


for people who are applying to regional offices, did you do the assessment centre in your office or was it in the bigger cities i.e. London Edinburgh etc?


I applied for Edinburgh, but had my AC in Glasgow along with people who applied there, Aberdeen and Newcastle (I think).

There’s another one coming up for Scotland but now it’s in Edinburgh, so I think if you’re in a regional office you go through to a bigger place to have it there.

Chances are it won’t even be in an EY office, we had ours at a conference centre designed for this sort of thing

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Hi is the assessment day the final stage for grad tax job?

I got a ac invite but it says the final stage of the assessment process ???


I did but all they said was they were still trying to hunt partners down for them :confused:

How was your interview btw? which role/office was it for?


Ohhhh is that the reason why?

Tax and Manchester! You?


hi, I received AC invitation for April 23rd.


What business line


London Assurance


Hey Simeng, when did you turn in your application ?


I’ve been invited to an experience day but my portal says that there are no bookable events available at this time?? What does this mean?


That happened to me too, I just emailed them and the experience day times’ showed up a day later. I don’t know if what I did helped or not but it is worth a shot!

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