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anyone knows the student recruitment stance on changing graduate role after getting to the final interview?

I’ve submitted a half-arsed application and didn’t really fancy my chances so I’ve randomly picked assurance role but I got a call several days after I’ve done the tests inviting me to the final stage. I’m thinking of emailing the student recruitment to change to a more suitable role for my skills but I’m worried they ask me why I applied to this role in the first place. Also yes, I realise that I made a stupid mistake and that I only have myself to blame but I would really appreciate some input on the best way forward.


They shouldn’t ask for a reason. The email to change programmes is in the FAQs on their careers website, but I would still call the recruitment office to ask for further info as well. I decided to change programmes just before final stage as well (about 2 weeks ago), they didn’t ask me to provide a reason for it. I’m still waiting on a response though

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Many thanks for the reply. If you don’t mind me asking, did they at least give some confirmation that they received your message at least or are considering your request for changing programmes? Thing is, they scheduled me for a partner interview before in less than two weeks (before the assessment centre) and my biggest worry is missing out on both the assurance role and my other preferred role.


you went straight from doing stage 2 to stage 4?


not exactly no I’ve done stage 3 and got to stage 4 shortly after. It’s just that I didn’t do the assessment centre stuff (group activity etc) before the partner interview which is unexpected, but I’m not complaining.


No problem. They sent an automatic email, but nothing else. If you want to find out if they forwarded your email on to whoever deals with programme swaps, then give them a call. That’s what I did after about a week and they re-forwarded it to the new department for me, although it’s still very slow. Apparently there is still some hope even after the interview, from what I’ve been told, so give them a call


has anyone heard any feedback for stage 3. My portal says EY Experience Day-Under Review, Please await further communication. The Ac dates start on the 20th April.


Mine says the exact same !!! They’re shortlisting applicants for AC but not sure when we will find out??? I’m hoping soon!


I did stage 3 nearly two weeks ago and got an email yday thanking me for being patient and that they’ll contact me soon for an outcome. Just wanted to hear if anyone has been invited yet!


I received an email today telling me that I’ve been invited to an AC, however I’m not sure how to book my place on the portal as the email isn’t very specific with regards to that.


To give some context, I’ve waited about 3 weeks for them to get back to me about an AC


Has this happened to anyone else: I got invited to an AC but then I got this email:


We have been made aware that some of you received correspondence asking you to book onto Assessment Event today. If you received this, we wanted to let you know that this correspondence was sent by the system in error and we apologise for any inconvenience. We will be in touch in due course regarding next steps and any future Assessment Event dates.

Kind regards,
EY Student Recruitment

My online portal still says to await further communication


What AC date were you invited to?


Yes I received the same yesterday. They said it was an error. My role haven’t shortlisted yet.


Think this means your through, I’ve got the same message for a couple of days and then an email confirming that I’m through to stage 4. I still didn’t get any feedback for stages 2 or 3 but I don’t really care at this point.


for those that did the interview AFTER the AC, was it bang on half an hour? and exactly as they described, just the prework stuff and a bit on why EY/service line/location? No need to prepare for any other sort of questions


Hello guys,

Hope you all are doing well with your own applications, etc.

I have the final stage partner interview via skype next week (already passed the assessment centre).

Has anyone done the partner interview via skype? How was it like? Did you do it on your computer/laptop? Can you even do it on your phone?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thank you!


You need to use Skype for business (just use the web plug in) and I don’t think that’s available on phone.

They never used the camera for me, but I don’t know if that’s normal.

Just prepare the prework and why EY/location


For my partner interview. There were No strength based questions, all motivation ones. But it did feel like a conversation so be prepared to talk about yourself, what you did, your interest. Practise how you can respond to the partner (as he would be sharing a lot about himself too)

My tip would be: Ace the prework, be passionate about EY and the role, listen* to the partner and don’t sound too rehearsed.

Good luck


The email that I got didn’t state a date. I emailed them back yesterday and it turned out that the email was sent by mistake, as was the case with some others on this forum. However, the email that I got was worded slightly differently:

We have been made aware that you may have received some automated communications from the system, asking you to book onto assessment event. Please note, that this communications has been sent in error and we apologise for the inconvenience. We will be in touch once we have an assessment date for you to book onto.

I’m kinda confused as to how to interpret this…