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For those going AC on 21 March, have any of you received pre-work yet?


Haven’t received any preform so far for the 21st
Anyone want to talk about the AC? Those that are going on the 21st PM me!


I have contacted the HR department yesterday, she said we would have to wait for the email. Hopefully we will be contacted by end of this week!


Haven’t received any yet


thanks, because some one said they would call us to confirm for AC. I am afraid to miss the call because sometimes I mute the phone in class.


Are they not going to contact us through email?


I don’t know. I am not sure how they are going to contact us.


Has anyone attended the 7th March AC heard back from EY?


I got contacted through email


I called and they said we’d hear by end of next week are you uki or FSO?


Hi, did anyone receive pre-work instructions for AC 21th March?


Has anyone heard back from the seventh for assurance, if so are you uki or fso? On the assessment day only FSO candidates had partner interviews hence my askingv


No I haven’t received anything. Have you?


No, not yet. I’ll give them a call to see what’s happening


Let me know what they say :slight_smile: I think they have issues with partner availability atm


Hey guys, so I was told that they’ll send it out by today. But it’s 3pm already so I’m getting a bit worried :joy:


fine, I hope they are contacting me asap.


Isn’t there anyone that hasnt received the pre work yet for 21st March?!


not sure tbh. I put FSO. still waiting to hear btw


Still haven’t received any pre-work. Have you?