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Anyone received an email regarding an invitation to EY Offer Holder event for London?


Hi, just took a look at my candidate portal and I realise it has shifted frm stage 3 to stage 4. It says I need to “confirm a date for my assessment centre”? However, there is no link or email of how I can do it. Anyone enlighten me?


glasgow and assurance :slight_smile:


Hi, I got mine two working days after getting the verbal offer


Has anyone had their interview by video yet ?


what office and program ?


I got an email today saying somebody will contact me for a partner interview. london assurance grad


Has anyone had the partner interview after the AC and not been offered a position?


Can I ask when did you have your partner interview? ?


Congratulations, any changes on your portal?


Just wondering how long does it take for EY to reply once your portal has changed from stage 3 to AC?


Hi all,

congratulations your offers!

my application process change stage 3 to stage 4. but there is no book slot and any information from EY. Can I know they will phone me? or email me? also, could you please give me some tips to prepare for stage 4?

Thank you very much!!!


On current status it says:

Thanks for attending our learning in person centre. We’ll contact you with an update soon.

Havent heard anything yet


Cheers for the reply, just for my reference did your status update before or after they emailed you?

Also are you UKI or FSO


Guys!! I am creating a whatsapp group for AC on 21st of March. Anyone attending DM your number please.


Passed the AC on the 7th, if anyone wants tips/what to expect - message me on 07543345045



yes, I want some tips for AC. Could you mind sharing with me in private message?



hi mine is 07729381881


Hi there! Just wondering have you received any further instruction regarding booking for AC?


Hi,not yet, I don’t know how long I have to wait. Have you tried to contact them?