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Nothing yet but good that you got it so quick, should get mine soon too. have heard of people waiting weeks for them


Hi there,

Is there anybody who didn’t do the prework and passed AC receving partner interview invitation?


Hi Kelly,

I just received a call regarding the partner interview following the assessment centre on the 5th. They said it would be next Tuesday but not had it through formally yet


Hi Kelly, since you didn’t have any pre work could you please tell me how the day was plan out during your AC? I am attending at 21st of March


Thanks! It’s strange bc I actually went to 28th,Feb AC and didn’t receive anything yet.


the agenda was same as what people post previously. but I also did a self-assessment task. Basiclly you wrote an email to a manager, talking about how you felt about your performance and was there any improment you’d like to make if given a second chance.


Thnx, it seems you guys finished earlier than 4 30?


Hi, wondering if anyone can shed some light on this please.

I have just been invited for the AC but on my portal it says ‘no bookable events… try again later’ has anyone else had this issue as I’m beginning to worry if they invited me by mistake or something?! Please help


Yes. But not very early bc had to wait for those who had partner interviews to do the next assessment.


btw can i ask which position and office did you apply for? thanks!


Hey I think two other people had mentioned similar problems regarding booking their ACs through the portal. There seemed to be some tech issues with the system that needed to be fixed manually. Maybe give them a call?


I have received the invite too but also unable to book. But I just gave them a call and they advised me to just keep checking the portal again while they resolve it.


what location is this for ?


Tax Bristol


ah ok I’m assurance Bristol and still waiting to hear about assessment centre


Thanks for replying! I’ll keep checking mine as well hopefully it’s sorted asap


Tax in Glasgow


I called them and they said to email them a screenshot of the message so I did


Hey when did you get the AC invitation for the 21st? Still waiting to book mine