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Dw about it, called up and apparently it’s been done in error. The person on the phone had to change it back to stage 4 manually. Also I’ve had no feedback


You probably already booked your transport right? just collect the tickets and go I’m sure they’ve made a mistake :slight_smile:


Yes everything is booked I was looking forward to the experience. I would be so embarrassed if I go and they say I’m not on the list or something :confused:


Anyone heard back from AC on 7th? Also if we didn’t have are our partner interviews on the day are we definitely having them or…?


From which AC is this? Mines the same


The person who did my partner interview called me yesterday to give a verbal offer. No update on the portal yet, but apparently it takes about a week or so to get the paperwork etc


Glasgow on Tuesday 5th, mine is still the same. Hopefully it gets updated


Hi there, do you mind saying what you applied for and what office? Thanks :blush:


Hope that it was a mistake by the recruitment team. Best of luck to you!


Hii - I’m booked for 11th as well. Please could you add me to the group chat - number is 07492757707. Much appreciated!


Having completed the learning on the job, i was invited to do the numerical assessment which i have completed. my account has now gone back to saying i have completed stage three, with feedback, is anyone else at this stage and know if ill get on to an assessment centre?
Im applying for assurance in Bristol


have you heard anything yet?


Did you recieve confirmation of numerical assessment completed? Via email




I’m also at this stage but didn’t receive any confirmation of my numerical being completed


Mine took 2 days to come through, strange :thinking:


My feedback has now disappeared for both stages 2 and 3


Anyone heard back from the 5th for Tax?


Anyone got a rough idea how long it takes to get the formal offer after the verbal one?


I literally just got the email through there with the formal offer and instructions to sign online, so I’d check your inbox!