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Excellent news! :trophy::tada:

Out of interest, in your Assessment Centre Feedback, was there anything written under Cognitive Abilities?


Hi all,

I attended the assessment day on the 28th. Had a phone call yesterday from the partner who interviewed me telling me they’d be making me an offer, and to look out for more information in the next week or so.
Best of luck to those of you who are still waiting!


Amazing stuff congrats! Where and which sub line?


I haven’t gotten any emails or changes to the portal yet just the phone call so not sure! my portal is still on numerical assessment completed


Congrats, I also got a phone call this morning with an offer, can’t believe how fast they contacted us!


How long did you guys typically take on the numerical (the separate one with 12ish questions)?


I would say roughly a minute and a half per question since that would take you around 20 minutes to complete but some questions will be easier and faster than others and then some might take a little longer. However I would go for accuracy over speed - that’s the way I looked at it anyway :blush:


Has anybody received an AC invite for 21 March?


For the people who got invited to do a numerical test after the Job Simulation stage, do you know how long roughly they’ll take to get back to us? Thanks!


We applied for the same thing, have you had any update yet?


I got the same invitation to do a numerical reasoning test, but I haven’t done it.


@shannonjr1996 @Anon2819

Hey well done!! I was also at the AC on Tuesday (Glasgow right?) – what colour was your lanyard? :smile:
Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything yet – which is probably not a great sign. :slightly_frowning_face: But idk if it depends on the service line we applied for. (I didn’t meet anybody else interviewing for PAS, and all the offers I’ve heard about are from different teams - so who knows!)

What line were you guys applying for?


I was in the red group with Lucy as our Team Buddy.

I applied for Assurance - I think this service line had the most positions available or hire more people in general but I can’t say for certain. I know some other people are waiting on hearing back, it could just depend on each service line and how long it takes them to deliberate.
Hopefully you hear back soon!


Nope - hopefully no news is good news!! :man_facepalming::sob:

I did think that as it is year end for Tax, Partners may be too busy up until the end of month to schedule interviews, fingers crossed - it is so frustrating as just wanna know :grinning:


Wait … have you heard anything yet?


Nope, but I was getting envious of the assurance guys who got offers.


Hey I did the numerical test too but they haven’t got an invite for the AC which is weird? Are you in this situation too?


how is going on the numerical reasoning test? difficult ?


I’m im the same situation, got invited to do the numerical test after the job sim. However, haven’t heard back since doing it.


Hey, how long did it take to complete the numerical?