EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW



Has anyone actually done it yet then? How is it?


audit and assurance


Not yet, only the practice questions and they weren’t difficult at all


Good luck for us. what role did you apply for? if you did it, can you share something? I am planning to do it next week.


London Assurance, doing it in a bit just so it doesn’t hang over my head the whole time haha


LoL God bless us


Interesting. I got a slightly different email.

Were you originally unsuccessful after Stage 3?


what you got from email? I originally failed in job simulation. basically, I think I can pass it. because they asked me to provide transcript and certificate to them. and then they rejected me immediately. but now they reinstated my application. :joy:


Hi there, I’m also attending the AC on the 11th. Number is 07799628461. Thank you!


How is it lol?


Hi there, I’m attending the AC on the 11th as well. My number is 07824809678. Thanks!


Hi, could you please add me to the group chat as well? My number is 07529142153


Just got an offer from the AC on Tuesday this morning! Anyone else?


Congrats, can’t believe they told you that quickly. How did they contact you?


Thanks! Got a phone call this morning. Couldn’t believe how fast it was either!


Nice, have they given you a start date?

Think I picked the wrong sub-line, I think assurance was hiring loads in comparison


Not yet, should be getting the formal offer in a few days. Yeah I think assurance generally hires a lot more than other departments


Hope they offer me something else if I don’t get tax. Didn’t have to the pre-work, so I’ve still got the potential partner interview to look forward to.

And I just noticed you sent me a message the other day - my bad, looks like you didn’t need my help anyway!


For anyone who attended the Manchester AC on 28th and had their partner interview on the day, student recruitment said they have extended their response time to 2 weeks (not the 48hours we were originally told). Just for anyone else who is nervously waiting! :joy: :see_no_evil:



I will be attending the AC on 11th March - would appreciate being added to the WhatsApp group - 07803 356251