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it really depends on your interviewer so just know your academic/extra curricular examples fully. Also I’d recommend going through your prework and think of potential Qs you may be asked , good luck


So just to double check - aside from the group activities and possible group discussions with assessors, there will be no interview on our own since our prework is cancelled. Correct?




Is there anyone meet technical issue for numerical assessment that supposed to finish today? I didn’t received their reply yet. It is almost 10…


Does your portal status say “numerical assessment completed”?. If so I wouldn’t worry. If you haven’t been able to do the test, however, I would contact HR


Thank you! The portal status say “numerical assessment in progress”, HR said that they will contact me shortly. But I am still worried that i am not able to finish it before the ddl.


If HR are already in contact with you regarding the issue, I wouldn’t worry as the deadline probably doesn’t apply to you, they will be aware that you can’t do anything until they resolve the matter for you.


Hope so, thanks a lot! : )


no, but you will be discussing emails with an assessor and that’s 1-1 and aside from that no interview


I did my stage three test around last week and my portal has updated with just a numerical test to complete?

Anyone know what this means?


Yes. I got the email saying I passed and they’re gonna contact me in due course


Congrats on the job!


thank you! But I haven’t got the job yet actually. Because there is still a final interview.


Please add me in the WhatsApp group 07709687766, many thanks!


I don’t receive as well


Hi there,
I’m attending the 11th. Could you please add me in the group? 07709687766
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Same! Odd that we have been given a numerical test to complete even before we’re booked in for an AC, guess they really do have loads of applications to sieve through


Hi all, I got a email from EY, they reinstated my application and asked me to do a new numerical reason test. have anyone did it ? Do you think it is difficult or easy? can you share some information to me?


Me too, have you done this new numerical test?


Interesting! What role did you apply for before?