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Curious too, so there won’t be any interview on 7th March, right? No 3y, no motivation question?


if you’ve been given prework, I think you will have partner interview. so it’s best to be safe and prepare


Hi did you get any message saying you’ve passed?


any update on partner interview? did you receive pre-work? I’ve heard people attended 28th AC are hearing back from the the results already


Yes . Just today afternoon


So you’ve heard back today from the AC on the 28th?

I know someone who heard back this afternoon, but they didn’t have their interview at the AC, so they’ve heard back to say they’ve passed to an interview…I don’t know anyone who had their interview on the day that has heard yet to say they have/haven’t got the job… I’ve had my interview and am still waiting :sweat_smile:


good luck! Was your interview partner interview after AC? when was your AC? Thank you


My partner interview was during my AC in Manchester on the 28th but I was emailed with prepwork, some people there had their prepwork cancelled a few days before because there weren’t enough partners to conduct the interviews.


Thanks. Hope you hear back from the offer!


Hi Guys, so my partner interview (and pre work) was cancelled for the 7th March AC the other day and today, I got an email to do the numerical test through the portal? Is this not strange given that 2 activities are now cancelled? Will I have to do the numerical again during the AC?

Also, will there still be an interview that tests your motivations and competencies during the AC?



Can I ask which location and programme you have applied for ?


this is very strange, have you received the pre-work already? And now they are telling you that partner interview is canceled? I think the strength based interview is done during the partner interview. And for numerical test, it took 20 min to do on the day and because there were a lot of people experiencing technical problems on the iPad so I figured that’s why they let you do it at home


Is anyone here going to the AC on the 11th? I haven’t receive any prework yet :confused:


I applied for assurance at a Birmingham office. Yeah, I received the pre work last week but was cancelled yesterday. So do you reckon I would still have a strengths interview with a member of HR for example?

I just did the numerical and it was unbelievably easy in comparison to the stage 3 tests. But that makes sense regarding the technical difficulties.


Hi mate, there’s a group chat for the 11th, if you wanna be added message me your number


The site isn’t allowing me to message you directly, is there anywhere else I can message you?


During your partner interview, do they let you speak uninterrupted for the 5 minutes before asking questions? Or are you supposed to structure it to allow them to interject during the 5 minutes


it works best if you speak for 5 mins then they’ll ask questions once you’ve finished


do they ask you more about yourself or standard strengths/competency questions or just about the discussion?


there is no strength based interview with HR. But you will be doing case study with an accessor