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Nope. Got an email saying I don’t have to do any pre-work and instead it will be done after the AC at a later date.

Guess I’ll still have to do the numerical assessment on the date then. Wonder if it’s the same as what you’ve been given


If you do the numerical test in the portal, then there will not be the onsite tests…


Kind of weird. I suppose if you aren’t doing a partner interview then your numerical test will probably be in the slot where the interview should be, probably just trying to speed everything up. I think it’ll be the same, it was pretty simple stuff but I feel like I might have messed it up by going too fast.

Good luck for tomorrow!


You feeling prepared for tomorrow? Not looking forward to getting up so early tomorrow


Hi Kelly! Is the numerical test on the portal timed?


I’m kind of prepared, I know the strengths and stuff we need to show throughout the day and prepared for the interview but I’m not doing much to prepare for the other activities.
How have you been preparing? Do you know what kind of stuff is expected in the group exercise or what technologies come up in the task where u pick a few technologies for a struggling business?


I’ve been looking at the strengths to try and thing of examples I could use in an interview, but knowing my luck they won’t be relevant for the question.

Done a few practice numerical and SJTs, but relying on my ability to the group work. Had a look at a group work/in-tray exercise and they look like a decent amount of work - a couple might arise which affect how you do the jobs, so quite a lot to be thinking about and keep on top of


Yes. But it’s not as difficult as we did on the stage 3. So relax. Remember to use the calculator.


Thnx Kelly!!


No problem. All the best!!


can’t dm you :sweat_smile:


Has anyone from the Manchester AC on feb 28th heard back yet?

They said we would hear back within 48 hours on the day, but still nothing :sweat_smile:


Nothing yet… I asked as well and they said it would be within a week. :joy:


Hello, Has anyone received any update about 20th of february ac? i heard there will be interview after the stage and I wonder if anyone has any confirmed interviews so far?


Hi guys, just curious: If the partner presentation is going to be done after the AC (similar to what happened to those attended AC on 20th Feb), is there any interview during the AC? Or is it going to be in the partner interview thereafter?


They are adding more assessment centres - 23rd and 30th April have appeared on the site


Does anyone know if the pre-work presentation is timed?


They don’t explicitly time you but you should still keep track of the time so that you don’t drone on for too long.


I haven’t. what about you? only received an email on 25th saying they would arrange an interview


Same here with me and i was just curious about it