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Did u guys get eny update? I receieved and it is not nice one saying I have been unsuccessful :)))


Yeah I got rejected too :frowning:


Is this from the AC? Also where you kinda expecting to be rejected or did you think you were going to get an offer?


Yeah this is from the AC. Gave literally my all and did not see that coming at all. Gutted but I’ve thankfully got other options


is there a group chat for march 7th AC?


Hell, I am attending the 7th March AC, happy to create a Whatsapp group. Can everybody let me know of their number and I can add you to it.


Hi, congratulations to those who made it to AC!

I have received an email saying that I have passed stage 2 and will now proceed to stage 3 (video interview). However, when I was trying to log in my portal and complete the test, my status is now stuck at stage 2 and the ‘current status’ section is blank. Does anyone actually encounter this before? Should I call EY recruitment to ask about this? :confused:


For people already attended ac, any recommendation on key words i can prepare ahead and do some research? For the partner interview. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I think you should


Hi there,
Congrats on your offer!
Do you mind telling me the technologies maybe coming up in the discussion in AC?
Thanks :pray:


Hi there, has anyone who went to Feb. 28th AC received an update?


Has anyone who’s done the numerical assessment before the Glasgow AC tomorrow had their portal go back to normal yet? Mine is still on Numerical assessment completed and I can’t access any of the stuff about the AC


hi what number can we contact you on?


I completed the learning on the job stage last week on Friday. On my portal its still highlighted but currently blank? Has anyone experienced the same?


It won’t change status until you get the final results lol. Mine is as well.


Still on this status. :tired_face::tired_face: , but no invite or dates yet!!

Next up
[Assessment Centre]

Once you have confirmed a place on one of our assessment dates, please ensure that you have your EY log in details to hand when you attend. You will be required to log back into your account area on the day as a part of the assessments


Hi Arena, I have started a whatsupp group for AC 7th March, London Kensington. Please DM your number and I can add you, thanks

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Hi I will also be attending the London AC on the 7th. Not sure how to DM you tho for the whatsapp group because I only just joined WikiJob :sweat_smile:


Was this an additional numerical assessment you had to do?

I’ve only done the normal stuff and then told there was no pre work


Yeah I think it was in place of the one you typically do on the day. Did you not get one to do?