EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW





I recommend also checking your account portal


I received a new e-mail few minutes ago from EY and checked my portal-it has changed to Canary Wharf . That is strange ))


What email did you just receive?


It is in the same context but from different e-mail address with a link in it to my portal.


And what was the email you received earlier in the day?


Just completed stage 3, feel like the video questions went quite well and not sure about the data sections but hopefully fine. How long do they take to get back to you? I got an email today saying I needed to complete stage 3 quickly so im assuming it’ll be quite quick


may i know what those five most important skills entail? your help will be much appreciated!



confirmed with the student recruitment this morning that we won’t be given any pre work but now receiving this email. who’s also attending London AC on 20th, have you received any pre-work topics. cheers


I phoned them up as well and they said it would be no pre work. Does that mean our AC is shorter?


That was a automated amber track email - for those who’ve applied to assurance email did say ignore any communication regarding pre-work


What I’m wondering is whether we will have a partner interview on the day or not…?


Did anyone else have their portal go completely blank after completing stage 3? Nothing under current status, they emailed me about my feedback being on the portal but nothing there.


Did they mention anything about having an interview?


Has anyone been invited to the Manchester AC yet?


Can any offer holders let us know what the starting salary is for London assurance?


I believe it is 28.5k


for the Manchester, tax offer holders- have you received the contract yet?


I haven’t


No they didn’t mention interview, I called and the recruitment team only confirmed that their would be no pre work to prepare and notes to bring. And I might call again and ask about the interview. Also this might looks like the process they were doing from previous years, you do the tests and group assessment first and once you pass that you will be invited to partner interview. It feels super weird still, There is a Skype call about the process yesterday and I missed. Might be talking about the process