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Me too~I didn’t receive the confirmed email, but confirmed my participation.


Nope, Reading.


Did you apply for London?


Hi, can you please give some information about the AC you attended?


For those that have their AC on the 20th the email they sent out today suggests that there will be no partner interview on the day…


The email they sent to me today does not specify that


When I did job simulation, last 2 videos question. I didn’t finished my answer, but the time is over and automatically saved. anyone know whether it will impact on my application and grade?


The email said that there is no pre-work to prepare which means no partner discussion and hence interview. The same thing has happened before with others - the partner interviews will be scheduled on a different date


The AC is also being held in their Canary Wharf office rather than Kensington


In mine it is said that the pre-work will be sent a week before AC.


Mine is in Kensington


Did you get this email?


No dear, it is stated that pre-work will be sent. The rest of the context is the same. And mine is not from unmanned mail box it is from a person. Is yours also in Kensington?


Hi mate, have you heard from any of the other people that got a place on the business consulting programme in Manchester? I have been placed on reserve so waiting for someone to renege on their offer basically.


I called them up and they also confirmed that there will be no pre work and that the AC will be in Canary Wharf


Also it was not from an un-named mail box


I see . As I mentioned mine is not in Canary Wharf.That is why difference in e-mails exists donotreply e-mails are unmanned I suppose ))


Did you apply for Assurance?




There we go, that’s why the difference exists. What did you apply for?