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It seems like they are giving out contracts for Assurance first. Has any non-Assurance people received their contract yet?


Hey is someone currently prepping for their Job Sim or for AC? DM me, I’m looking to team up and practice with people! thanks :slight_smile:


Has anyone received their contract for tax yet?


Guys so I didn’t get through for their Data Science position, however, they just emailed me saying that i am put through for an interview for their Audit stream. Is this something normal?


For those ones who had their interview after the AC, how long did it take after the interview to get an outcome on your application?


Hi guys, congratulations on those with offers! I managed to pass the AC but was invited to a further motivational interview. Does anyone know what this is/ what it consists of?


I did one of those. why do you have to do a motivational interview?


The initial role I applied for wasn’t available so they offered me other roles. How was the interview?


Just got an AC invite - 20th of February in London!


Hi Ash_Westwood. Me too. Did you receive a separate e-mail confirming it? I just confirmed my participation in my portal and did not receive any e-mail.


Yeah I got no email


What is your service line?




Hi, I have an invite for the job simulation assessment for assurance and I am wondering if anyone could share with me what video questions they were asked in the simulation? appreciate any help, thanks


Congratulations!!! By the way, when did you finish your Job simulation?


Early January I think


Did you apply for London?


anyone else still not received their official contract? I’ve got an offer for Manchester, business consulting


There are only two video questions if I remember correctly. You’ll be given materials and instructions. The questions are not competency based.


have u tried checking your portal?