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is there anyone received an AC invite for an industrial placement in london??


Has anyone received their formal offer yet? I spoke with recruitment the week before last who said they were starting to send them last week after a delay with the implementation of their new offer management tool, just wondered if anyone had heard anything as I have to accept or reject my pwc offer by Friday


Is this for London Assurance? Haven’t received it yet


Woops, yes forgot to clarify! London assurance. When I spoke to them they said two weeks (from the week before last), but I saw someone on here got told 3-4 weeks from last week :confused:


London Assurance too. I was told at back end of December that it would come by end of January.

I will call them next week and see what’s the latest.


Yea that was me. I received my offer by phone last Tuesday and the recruiter told me we will receive the official contract in 3-4 weeks from that day


I’ve just received my official offer, but the letter won’t load on the website


Thank you for the update and congrats! Can I ask which AC did you attend and for which office / business area did you apply? : )


Thank you! I attended the Manchester AC for Assurance at the Manchester office


Sounds good! I attended the same AC but I haven’t yet received an email with the offer. Hopefully within the next few days offers will have been sent : )


I just received and accepted my offer for Assurance @ Glasgow via the website.


Is there anybody going to work in Edinburgh in March? do we have a facebook group or some other group?


Hi! EY’s AC is crazy fun- they have distributed it into 5 zones and each zone is dedicated to an activity. Plus their assessment centre is held at cultural spaces- one of my friends had it at an art gallery! which is beautiful! The questions for interview are competency based- plus there’s an activity where they show you 8 e-mails enlisting project opportunities across divisions, you have pick 5 and present why you chose the 5 you did and did not opt for the remaining 3. I’ve created a whatsapp group where everyone who is prepping for VI and AC are- so that we can team up and practice. If you’re interested just DM me and I’ll send across a form :slight_smile:


Hi! Please add this number 07950251041. Thnx


Hey everyone.

I got my contract today. FSO Assurance. Hopefully everyone else got their too / will get theirs soon?

Exciting times!


Congratulations! May I ask if your contract is for March or September intake?
I called them a week back and they said I might need to wait several weeks more, so I was just wondering : )


September :).


Great, I got mine too! Are you accepting?


Has anyone who applied for Edinburgh received their contract yet?


HI congratulations for your offers. I just got the vitiation for job simulation. Could you please share me some tips ? and what is the types of question? thank you very much.