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Anyone received an offer contract for London Assurance yet?


Hey, I’m still waiting myself, I might call next week


Have you had your contract yet?


Have you heard anything, I went to the 22nd November ac.


Nope, been over 2 months since I got the offer. Did you get the contract?


Yeah same, I got my offer at the beginning of November. Nope nothing yet, don’t know how long to leave it getting a bit worried haha


I don’t know anyone who received the contract yet if that helps


Oh okay that does help! I guess it just takes time to sort everything out


Was just told that we’ll get the formal contract in 3-4 weeks guys so don’t worry, it’ll come eventually!


Thanks for the update! 3-4 weeks from today?




Anybody that has been rejected at stage 3; does your ambertrack still say: “thank you for completing our online learning on the job simulation. We’ll review your answers and be in contact soon” and you are unable to apply for any other programme?


When did you get rejected? And at what stage?


AC in nov 2018, applied for business consulting, received an email say “secured yourself a reserve list position for the area you applied” and “would be in touch before the end of August 2019 to let you know if there has been any roles to become available”. I almost give up now…


stage 3 and early November


anyone recieved an AC invite for Manchester on 28th February?


Hey Dylan,

Which location did you apply for? Also was it for autumn 2019?


is there anyone that can help with EYs video interview Assurance ( that got through ) for a trade with PwCs AC in depth help? I got an offer from Pwc for a grad scheme (Assurance london) but trying to help out a really close friend with EY’s summer internship




how is that a lie ? I HAVE PROOF .