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Hi. Congratulations on the offer. I’m looking to get information on the Assessment Centre. Would you be willing to send a pm about that?


Hi, I have an AC on the 17th for the same position. Any hints/ tips?


me too, have you been sent any pre work?


No I’ve not yet received anything as of yet, this whole process has been very messy so I dont know whether were receiving it late, or its meant to be emailed during the week of the AC.


hopefully we’ll get it tomorrow , otherwise I’ll contact them


Has anyone who has completed stage 3 received an outcome for Manchester?


hey, how long ago did you complete it?


I’ve copied and pasted below a message I sent someone else who asked me the same thing. Obviously this was applicable for my AC last year which was one of the first ones in their new structure, so yours may vary slightly:

They send you pre-work about a week before your AC. Mine involved picking one out of three discussion points. i’ve attached a pic from the email they sent. Youre allowed to bring in an agenda or some notes but they stress its more of a conversation with a partner instead of a presentation. Mine was in the same room as 8 other people and it was very friendly and informal. Before doing your prework, go through all the links on their careers website, and incorporate it into your answers. Main things I included was their vision of a better working world, technology, growth, inclusion (their workforce is 48% women). They want to see that you know what they’re about. They put a huge emphasis on how important their employees are and how they are evolving with technology. The partner interview goes very quick, you only have about 5 minutes to speak and 10 mins for questions, so try to structure the points you want to touch on in your agenda.
The rest of the day involves a numerical reasoning test which is quite basic and simple i wouldn’t stress over it if you’ve done them before. Theres a group exercise where assessors watch you work in a group for 15 mins then you have 5 mins to write up your groups idea. Theres an exercise where you have to think of ideas of how to help a struggling business and you present it in pairs. If you can i’d offer to present your idea first because its most likely going to be the same as the other persons. Theres also an individual task where you have to show you can manage info/prioritise. Theres nothing you can really do to prepare for it im afraid!
I’d deffo recommend you wear a watch as the timings for each task are short and it goes quick. Also they say dress code is business casual but most people were business formal.


Copied and pasted from one of my replies further up the thread:

There was 5 different activities:

  1. Partner discussion based on the pre-work
  2. Group exercise where you had to come up with a project for helping children improve the career prospects
  3. Individual assessment - included numerical reasoning and a task where you had to look at 12 people’s schedules and decide when was the best time to have a meeting
  4. A task paired up with an assessor where you have to choose 5 out of 8 emails and explain why you chose them
  5. A task where you had to think of how to improve a struggling business and if technology could help, and then discuss your idea with an assessor who asks some questions.

All the tasks are quite quick and you could be doing them in any order


Received email for pre-work today - same as @Cmarie1 sent above.

Thank you so much.


I doubt I’m making it past stage 3… I thought my feedback was decent, but other people seem to have better feedback :frowning:

At EY, we make sure we demonstrate credibility at every point

How do you fit?

Your results suggest that you have an ability to instil trust and confidence in the people you meet. You’re able to demonstrate knowledge, professionalism and credibility, and can build good working relationships as a result. You’re likely to find some enjoyment in interacting with colleagues and clients.

How to develop this strength further…

Pick someone you know who you feel is credible and trustworthy. Then think about how they convey this sense of credibility. How do they present themselves? What language, tone of voice and body language do they use? How could you make elements of this work for you?

At EY, we know that communication is most effective when messages are shared with conviction.

How do you fit?

Your results suggest that you have an ability to communicate effectively. You’re able to understand what your audience needs, and adapt how you speak or write accordingly. You’re likely to find some enjoyment in finding the best way to connect with your audience.

How to develop this strength further…

Create a two-minute speech about a topic you’re interested in. Which group of people could you share it with in your network? Friends, colleagues, family? Think about which formats (verbal, video call, email) you’d use, and practise delivering them. Which format would individual people connect with best? And how much detail would they need to understand your message?

Numerical Reasoning

It’s clear that you can understand and interpret numerical data in a variety of formats, and are able to use the data to find conclusions and make data-based recommendations.


My feedback is same with yours. Is there any better version of feedback?
And how is your video part? I think I screwed the last question, stuttered a lot…


If you look through this forum there’s people with stronger descriptions; for example, instead of “You’re able to demonstrate knowledge, professionalism and credibility” they have “You find it easy to demonstrate knowledge, professionalism and credibility” and instead of “You’re likely to find some enjoyment” they have “You’re likely to feel energised”.

Video part was bad… lol


Do you think the feedback includes the video interview part? I received mine quite quickly, only few days after I completed stage 3. So I think maybe it doesn’t include the video part, but the feedback did mention about communication.


I don’t think you should worry. My feedback for credibility is the same as yours. On the other hand, for communication my feedback states “Your results suggest that you may have found a way of communicating that suits you best. So you could be less inclined to adapt the way you speak or write for different people”. However, I was invited to the assessment centre and was eventually made an offer.


Do you think stage 3’s feedback includes video recording part?


I see, thanks


I’m quite certain it doesn’t include the video part


I have an upcoming EY experience day, but I responded late, so although I have a confirmed place, I didn’t receive the prework. Can anyone here share the email they got for the prework.

(My AC is for graduate transactions - data analytics)


You must write to them immediately.