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Yeah they called me on unknown number also.


When I got my offer I was told I’d get the contract by mid-December, I rang them yesterday to check I hadn’t missed it and they said they’ve had delays and that nothing was being sent out til the new year. Didn’t get an email or anything from them today though which is weird as I though it would be an automated thing they’d send out to everyone…


Yeah, thanks for letting me know. Got an e-mail today regarding the delays, did you?


Yeah got an email today!


Nice one pal! Glad you got it!


I just finished stage 3 today and I believe I did quite well in the writing and numerical part, but I stuttered a lot in the last video recording question. I feel hopeless. Is there anyone feel same as me and get passed? And how long I need to wait for stage 3’s result?


Honestly wouldn’t worry about it, everyone gets nervous. It just depends what line you are applying for and role. They all look for different competencies. I was nervous in mine and passed. It takes around 2 weeks to see a result or more. Just forget about it and see what happens. Best of luck!


Thank you. I just found that I received my job simulation feedback, the feedback seems quite positive. Do you know it is included the video part or not?


Sorry about the late reply, no I do not know. However, the positive feedback sounds great- I am sure you will get an offer for an AC!


Anyone still waiting for offer or rejection? I did my assessment on the 22nd of November, but they still haven’t updated me on my application (I’ve rang them quite a few times and they’ve just said they’ll contact me soon)- anyone else in this position?


Thank you Cal. Let’s wait and see.:slight_smile:


Has anyone heard back with a contract or following ey lasts email with a formal offer?


Have you heard anything?


No haven’t heard anything, just got emailed a book review also.


Ahh, just be paitent. I am sure they will get to us as soon as they can :slight_smile:




Nope no contract, just be patient. I dont think we will get them till the end of January. Most people are off work till 7th anyway.



I’m in my second year of uni and applied for the Leading Women programme at EY Tax in London. I’ve just found this thread and got quite nervous as people were already talking about the programme being full in October… The EY website doesn’t mention any deadlines, but says that they will close applications as soon as the set number of roles have been filled. I’m about to do Stage 3 of the application as the first 2 stages were successful. Do you think it’s worth continuing the application process?


I am a current offer holder and attended one of the ACs in November.

Definitely continue with the process, applications were actually closed then just reopened for streams that aren’t full (nearly all of them). EY said they were doing two stages of applications. First one August - December then second one January till May for roles that havent filled.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much! Did you apply for Tax as well?