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Has anyone received the offer letter yet?


Nooo, I got an email about the offers being sent in the new year?


Got a call from EY saying official offer letter wont come until new year.


Didn’t get an e-mail/call regarding that. Has anyone else not got a call regarding when the contracts would be in? Where did you apply too?


What time did you get the call?


I didn’t get the call/email about that. I wrote an email asking them.


Got a call 2 hours ago giving me the offer and saying the contracts would be sent to us via email around mid-Jan, same as you guys


What did they say? What communication method did ey let you know yoy got the contract?


Ahh thanks for letting us know man


Hey, I got an offer as well at London for fso in assurance. Have they said anything about contracts to you or being contacted by someone further.


I got the offer/contract today with all the papers to fill in and sign as I am starting in March. I guess people starting in September will get their contract in January.


Congrats I wish all the best of luck with the role.


They called me at 3.30 today dude.


Yeah, so I attended AC on 22nd. 5th December: I got offer. 11th December: I got follow up call regarding contract details, wage, start date etc. Today (20th): I got call saying they having issues sending out formal contracts, they will be out early January.

Hope this helps.


Same I went to 22nd they called on 27th and I haven’t really heard anything after the offer they told me there and then the wage and stuff but nothin I’m a bit worried as I received a missed call on unknown




I got an unknown today as well maybe they’ll call again tomorrow


Oh fair enough, keep me updated if you receive a call if you can


Will do :slight_smile:


Thank you