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Hi, congratulations! Was your offer via a call with ‘no caller ID’?


Yeah it was! Did you get one also? And thank you so much! X


Potentially! I have a missed call from ‘no caller id’ today at 4ish so fingers crossed it’s good news x


Hi! Thank you very much :slight_smile: Yes I attended the 11th December assessment centre in Manchester and it was for the FSO Tax graduate scheme at the Manchester office. I received my offer by phone from the partner who I had an interview with. Good luck!


Just got an offer for Manchester Assurance! Thanks for the help everyone!


passed second stage with high maths score

did third stage just now,

Learning on the job – Section 4

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If you have just completed your test and you are seeing this message, please wait for a few minutes and refresh your page. but it would let me refresh or finish

it’s been 20 min!! am I the only one


same here!!!
I can’t refresh or submit. How did you end up dealing with this?


Anyone applied for summer internship heard back from 11 Dec AC? Especially Assurance in Manchester…


Hello again, fantastic you should be over the moon!

I also applied for FSO tax graduate scheme but in the Leeds office. I’m getting a little nervous, as I havnt heard back yet. I just want to know regardless of the outcome! Still remaining positive though.

A quick question was the gentleman who took your partner interview called mark ?


Thank you!! I’m sure that they will get back to you soon, don’t worry too much yet!

No, the partner I spoke to was called Chris, I think that we had our interviews with the people who were partners for the specific service/sub-service line and office we applied to.


Those that received their offers by email, who hasn’t received a call from student recruitment yet?


Just got a call & offer this morning for Newcastle assurance!

Call was around 10am from me interviewer partner (Hassan) if that info helps anyone, AC was the 11/12 in Manchester


Just emailed student recruitment a few days ago and got the following response. By the sounds of it some of us are going to have a nerve racking Christmas :rofl::rofl:


Hope you are well.

We are currently still reviewing all outcomes from the assessment centre and you can expect an updates in the new year.


Student recruitment."


I got a call from the partner but no email yet.


Is there anybody get the offer for March intake? When approximatlely will we get the official offer and contracts? How long it will take to get the t2 visa?
tech consulting Edinburgh March 2019


I got an offer for the March intake in Technology Consulting in London. I was told that the electronic offer will be sent to us at the beginning of January. Don’t know about the visa question.


I meant the electronic contract.


did anyone have their partner interview cancelled during the AC? how long did you wait for the interview to be rescheduled?


Hi everyone, just wonder is there someone who applied Transaction Advisory Services getting a call from the partner for the Manchester AC. I applied for Corporate Finance.


two weeks+. Don’t worry, they will give you a call when people are free