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hi congratulations! did they send you the official offer?


Yeh FSO.
Not an official offer, but an email saying congrats. @Jaine_Zhang
Attended the AC on the 6th Nov @zhaot


Not Birmingham but had my AC on the 29th and received an offer last Wednesday but still no “official” offer so not sure of their time frames :slight_smile:


HR called me a week after my email offer. They said that they are looking to get contracts out for end of December.


which service line and office you applied to?


Has anyone heard back from the Manchester assessment centre on the 11th December yet?


Yeah I hope so too, I just got a call two days ago regarding the contract details and such. Of course its not official offer, however, it’s highly likely that it is. Just need to wait and be paitent I presume :slight_smile: We will get the contracts via email?


not yet


Yeah it is 99% should be an official offer, but never know until official contract is signed, but even then they can still pull out so…

But yeah to get email, followed by follow up call and then no contract is highly unlikely… I will wait till 6th January then follow up. Admin stuff like this tends to be low priority.


FSO Assurance London.


I agree! I am sure we will be fine- just so pleased to get the offer.

I only got a phone call from HR, however, they told my contract details and such. So agreed just wait and see, admin like this is a low prioirty- especially as we are starting in september.


Will be interesting to see our feedback too!


i got a call with an offer!


I’ve just got one too! Congratulations :slight_smile:


Hi kiera, congraulations on your offer well done ! did you attend the 11th December assesment centre in Manchester? I was also thier What service line did you apply for?

And have you received your offer by phone or email ?


Has anyone heard back from the AC for Manchester Assurance?


Hey, I got a call with an offer earlier on for Assurance!


Manchester AC but applied for Newcastle assurance. Nothing yet, anyone here applied to Newcastle? Didn’t meet anyone on the day!


anybody got an offer for tax graduate programme from the AC in Manchester on 11th December ? i didn’t meet anyone who applied for that programme


Heya, yeah did you apply for Newcastle internship in assurance?