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I called EY today and they said I will hear back in 2-3 days. So I think this week they will give the results for 22th Nov AC.


hi! I’ve also got an offer for assurance at Birmingham office. have you received the official offer from Ey?


me too. we will work at the same office next year. by the way, have you received the official offer?


wow, congrats! I have not received an offer letter yet but was being informed over the phone that they will likely issue it before Christmas break though despite feeling relieved, I share your concern as there is no update on portal or email confirmation on the outcome whatsover. If anyone has received any offer letter, kindly advice how long it takes for it to come through. Thanks and congrats again!


Sorry for the late reply, there’s a number on here. Let me find it


07935192775- its Suripan. She posted her number before, just message it. Theres like 12 of us


Cheers. Did you get a call today @Cal_10271 @gradapplicant ?


Yeah I did, got the job, did you?


So pleased!


Welcome to the EY offer club. What role and where? Congrats!


Hahahah thanks! I am so pleased! Role is for BC London Sept intake, yourself?


FSO Assurance, London also. Congrats!


Congrats mate - at least it was worth the wait. No i haven’t heard anything yet…


Thanks, looking forward to working with you! So happy!


Thanks man- it was. Don’t worry- give them a ring for an update. Yet again, we are a different kettle of fish, hve trust- I am sure you will get the call.


No I didn’t


has anyone applied Assurance at Birmingham office gotten the HR’s call discussing your contract?


Cheers bud. Just got an offer email. So relieved


Which AC did you attend?


Nice one pal! So pleased for you! Fso?