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Does anyone who has Assessment centre awaiting receive an email from EY saying the following:

“We wanted to update you that we are currently closed for wave 1 of the recruitment cycle. We will be reopening early next year for our second wave of EY Experience events and your application will remain at the same stage until shortlisting commences.
In the mean time we’d like to share some helpful advice for you as you think about entering the workforce. As the working world changes, so do the skills employers need from their people. The good news? You’re probably already using them. We’ve got five of the most important ones we think you’ll need if you work at EY”

What does this mean? Are they re-opening applications or hosting more experience days for those of us that are at the assessment centre awaiting stage?


I think they are saying that they’ve got enough people now but since many ot those may not take the offer, there will be a second wave to fill in the roles.


has anyone been on the Skype call for the assessment day that can tell me what was said? I can’t seem to hear anything on it


If I remember correctly (I took it a couple of weeks ago), they tell you the basic outline of the day (covered well throughout this topic); bring your ID and photocopies and finally “be yourself”. There wasn’t really much help in terms of the prework but be prepared to give it as a presentation instead of a discussion as that seemed to be how the partners did it at my AC. I might be able to answer any other questions you have! Good luck :slight_smile:


What role and location have you applied for?


amazing thank you! I have my AC tomorrow and worried about the questions after the pre-work? Were they ok?


I got the same email just now.


I emailed them, they said “We are still shortlisting, we will be in touch when we have more dates available in the new year.”


No worries - My partner asked how I conducted my research and some other less structured questions surrounding my discussions so know your prework inside out! I was asked the standard: “why this service line?” and “why EY?” as well. I think there’s a website which highlights 33 common big 4 questions or something which was very helpful. The questions shouldn’t be too bad as long as you can find a way to relate it back to the role and don’t ramble on. Also smile, give a good handshake, remember their name and thank them at the end.


thank you so much. Have you heard back yet?


London Business Consulting September 2019 intake


Was that after the email I posted or prior?


Yeah I received an offer last week in Glasgow assurance :slight_smile:




Thank you! Hope your AC goes well :smiley:


Last week! So sounds like they will have more dates for ACs after the new year.


Hi thanks for sharing. Which AC did you attend? In the pre-work email I received it says specifically “not a presentation” so I’m a bit confused now. And tbh I don’t know how to prepare for and lead a one-to-one discussion. What do you think the partner is expecting us to do or what capabilities they want to see?


I think we were put at a disadvantage by not being able to do our partner interview at the same time.

How do i join the whatsaap group?


29th in Glasgow. I think it really depends on who the partner is really but the task info you get on the day said “present” I’m sure. You’ll probably get the vibe of a discussion if the partner is asking you questions during your presentation so if it looks like they’re about to speak don’t talk over them I guess. Use each bullet point as an introduction to a question for them possibly?

I believe the partner is looking for you to be able to speak clearly and eloquently, make eye contact, be engaged and be able to ask questions and build on their replies too - it’s a two way thing. Be enthusiastic about the role and actually provide interesting responses as they’ll be doing the same thing over and over again during the day.