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Congrats! I wouldn’t be surprised if we met on the day :slight_smile: I got an offer call on Tuesday as well. Are you accepting it?


I was in the group with black laynards. Which group were you in? :sweat_smile:


I got the invitation to this AC a few weeks ago and received the prework exactly 7 days before the AC. I think they’ll arrange another AC otherwise it’s unfair for you guys.


I was (a) pink (panther).


Thanks! I think it was just a case of doing well enough to not get rejected, but there were better candidates for the AC, and they will just keep us as backup aha. Good luck in the AC!


@Cal_10271 @unknown have you guys heard back yet?


No I still haven’t heard anything. Have you?




is there any point calling them?


When was your AC?


I tried already, but the problem is that they never provided us (or at least me) with the name and contact details of a specific recruiter to talk to that knows about my application. So i can only contact the call centre, the overall EY student recruitment phone number or the student recruitment mailbox. And they have no idea what’s up .

I am giving up, i just thought they’d still have the decency to get back to us…


nov 6th


Wow, that’s a long time to be waiting. Mine was the 29th and even I’m getting impatient. I was told I’d head last week but nothing.


Yeh that what has happened to me whenever I’ve tried calling. I’ts just kind of ridiculous. Its been over a month with no response whatsoever. There is no way they are still making the decision.

I agree, might be time to give up. Its pretty hard to not be disheartened by all of this.


Yeah, they were so fast and caring at the beginning, I never would have expected it to end like this! At the AC i was confident I would hear back within a couple of days (@Cdb they had told me I’d hear back within days…I hope you won’t have the same luck!) . I wonder what went wrong in the process, probably some misjudgement from their side in terms of planning because I don’t want to believe this was their intention all along.


Yeh i was sure id hear back alot sooner than this. And so many people have heard back within a week of their AC. they must’ve just messed up. Very unprofessional. Did you have to wait to do your partner interview?


I just called them and they said that we should expect a response by friday morning. Apparently our AC just had alot of candidates or something - sounds like some bullshit to me. But they said i should call on Friday if i still havent heard anything


sounds a lot like the “you’ll hear by Monday 3rd December”… but ok thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: we’ll see!
and yes I did have to wait for the interview.


Nothing yet


There’s a whatsapp group with people waiting, you should join. People have rejected already and I guess some accepted. I am thinking they could be possibly discussing numbers for business consulting. It’s probably the most over-subscribed area. I am just wondering if we are put into a disadvantage for not having our partner interview on the 6th.

There’s a lot of people that haven’t heard anything yet. We just need to be patient. They will probably get back to us via e-mail- seems that is how most people are hearing now.