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So great we would have to go to an AC (if we even get one) when there’s hardly any positions left. I mean they’ve been doing this for years surely they’d give all candidates a fair chance, I finished my stage 3 about 6 weeks ago… bit ridiculous.


I had my business consulting AC on 20th Nov but still no news. It seems to me that not many people have heard back about the outcome for this business line.


Do you know anyone that has heard back for business consulting?


Congratulations! any advice for AC? Got mine next week


No, at least not in London.


Nope. Still waiting to hear back and its been a month since the AC. I know some people have heard back, but they all had their partner interview on the same day as the AC. Did you do your interview last week?


me too, no update, same services line, AC on 27th NOV


Congratulations! Do you, by any chance, have any idea whether they held ACs for Tech Consulting, London office?


Hmmmm… I’m not too sure. When I applied for Tech Consulting in Edinburgh, the programme for London was already closed. I suppose ACs for London Tech Consulting should be earlier than the 29th. But then again, I could be wrong. Sorry. No clear answer.


They’ve already run their tech consulting ones. Pretty sure they were at the same time as the business consulting ones


hello, is there anyone hearing back from EY for corporate finance role?


When and where was your AC?


Havent heard anything yet, have you?


29th in Glasgow


Nah still nothing…i just dont understand why its taking them so long


Agreed, I haven’t heard anytthing :frowning:


Got my offer from that AC too (congrats btw) - have you had any further info since your offer?


emm I did not hear back from EY actually. May I ask which role are you applying to? When did you get the offer?


Sorry, I think I replied to the wrong person! It was Glasgow Assurance internship and I heard on Wednesday anyway.


Did anyone who request visa sponsorship get the offer of London assurance?