EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW



Nope. Still just waiting. Its getting a bit ridiculous


Nothing from me still


Have you heard anyone getting the offer/rejection?


Not for a while - but i haven’t spoken to anyone who had to wait to do a partner interview. Have you?


Anybody else still waiting to hear if they are invited to next Tuesday’s AC in Manchester? Luckily I live in Manchester and can easily attend if I make it, but I feel bad for anybody who is gonna have to travel from elsewhere at such short notice


Yep, I am. Meant to be on holiday next week and would be missing it for the AC so it’s so long waiting until so close to the time to know whether to cancel my hotels etc. Still hoping it’s good news but would just rather some news at all.
Luckily it’s booked off work but no chance I could book a day off with such short notice.


Thanks. Good luck! Please do post if you get it.


Same here


Still waiting


Me too!! I emailed them last week and they just said “If you’ve been invited to an AC you will get an email in due course”, called them today and the woman just didn’t have any information and was just said wait for an email basically? I was asking if the AC was oversubscribed so maybe if they’re adding an extra date and she just didn’t have ANY info. uh


I got told something different too. I think they’re making it up because they don’t even ask for your application ID so I don’t know how they are answering where our application is up to. The lady on the phone to me today said it may be the AC is full and they may contact if any room becomes available or if they set another date. As far as I am aware nobody has an invite for consulting for next week? Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Yeah could be they’re adding an extra AC for consulting people and maybe another stream? I applied for consulting PAS in Manchester


I think they may add another as for consulting nobody seems to have been invited. I’m manchester assurance


I have got an invite for AC in business consulting for Manchester


when did you get invited? and do you have your prework yet? I did my job simulation on 28th October! so long ago


I got invited last monday and yep, got my prework email today!


Received a call 10mins ago…Got the assurance role at Birmingham…PS: went for 27th AC


Got a call on Tuesday. Got the technology consulting role. AC was on 29th at Glasgow.


Just spoke to somebody, essentially EY has selected all of the candidates for the AC in Manchester. If they don’t fill up all the positions from people attending this then they will most likely hold another AC for all the people “shortlisted”, although this isn’t guaranteed. Basically if you haven’t been rejected or accepted yet, my assumption is either there were better candidates, or spaces were filled before they could even look at you. She said either way we will be contacted.


Anyone heard back for business consulting for the 6th Nov AC?