EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW



Which position are you applying for?




me too


Hello everyone. I got an offer via email today. No call.

I attended 22nd AC, FSO audit. Good luck everyone.




oh woh. congrats! I hope this time ‘me too’.




Did you end up hearing anything back?


I applied to BC in Leeds… Nothing yet.


If you private message me I can tell you what has been said


just got a phone call said I am in the waiting list…


What did you apply for?


Anything today pal?


Sorry, still have heard nothing. Yourself? Seems like they are spending a lot of time on this decision


What’s the waiting list too btw?


got my rejection email yesterday. Rang up today to ask to schedule my feedback and she said it won’t be until well into the new year I receive any feedback. Which is so stupid because they have my feedback, why not email it to us with our rejection!! that’s almost 2 months after the assessment centre - so bad and they said the new process’ benefits were that feedback was much easier to get



received a strange call from EY just now asking whether someone has called me regarding my outcome and feedback…apparently, i m not being contatcted yet…then he told me i will get back by today…what should i expect? the wait is horrendous. PS: went for the 27th AC, assurance


That is a strange one- wish the best of luck


Im sorry to hear that.
Do you mind if I ask if you can see any AC feedback on your account area?


no there’s nothing there