EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW



anyone hear about BC grad today? (Sept intake)


Have you?


nope still waiting. you?


Me too! Lets hope we hear soon. Do you think they have done all the partner interviews for the line?


Has anyone that did their AC on the 27th of November, heard back today?


Yeh i would have assumed they’ve done them by now - its been a month. But if they had then it shouldn’t take them very long to get back to us.


Does anyone have any extra info on the pre work? Was supposed to receive mine today as it’s a week before my assessment centre but so far haven’t heard anything.


has anyone heard anything today? they were supposed to get back to us by today…


Just call them, I don’t think it will be soon as they told me they will call me soon. But when I asked them by Wednesday. They said they did not know …


I called them a while back and apparently there’s no delay and that once they have come to a decision they will be in touch.


Just got a rejection email. Attended the assessment centre on the 27th November


Same. :no_mouth:




Still have heard nothing for BC. Have you heard?


Sorry to all those who got rejected :confused:. Plenty of jobs out there boys, heads up, you will get another where you will be more happy.

I’m still waiting for FSO Audit from 22nd AC. Anyone else from this AC or previous ACs waiting for FSO audit??


Anyone else’s blank feedback just disappeared from the portal? Lol.


Yeah it’s also gone for me too. Hope you hear good news soon!


Has anyone done EY Experience Day for Technology Consulting (London, September 2019 intake)?


Still haven’t heard anything either. Sorry about the rejections guys


How close to AC did people get rejected? Still waiting to hear back about the North AC a week today, assuming I’ve been rejected after a poor video answer but would still rather know