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Hey! A week ago today (Monday, Sept 24) I completed stage 2 of the process but I am yet to be updated on the status of my application. Has anyone heard back yet?


I heard back for ‘Learning for a changing world’ this morning, does anybody have any information about the ‘Learning on the job’ assessment and how many video questions this has?


Same here, are u able to find useful information?


Hey, how long did you wait for ‘learning for a changing world’? Thanks for your reply in advance.


Any tips on learning for a changing world?


So, just got round to doing this… Wow, that was long and intense! Not the worst one I’ve ever done though :sweat_smile:


I heard back within 2 days of completing it, has anyone completed stage 3 for the assurance intake? Also where is the feedback from stage 2?


I think they’ve filled their positions for tax after speaking to HR on the phone, so maybe apply for assurance!


how long did it take you?


I took around an hour to complete it. It wasn’t timed but I think they may take the time into consideration. Overall it wasn’t too bad draining yes, but there was nothing particularly difficult.


I spent about 2 hours in total, but as there was no time pressure I wasn’t rushing and was taking extra time to make sure my answers were correct.

If I was trying to do it quickly I could have cut about 40 mins off that time easily!


Was this for stage 3? I still haven’t heard back about stage 2.

Is stage 3 like a video interview? what do you have to do?


When did u finish stage 2? I also havent heard from them. I sent them an email yesterday but they havent replied yet :confused:


Stage 2; Learning for a changing world.

Consulting positions only opened a few days ago so I wouldn’t be too concerned that you’ve not heard back just yet!


I have completed Stage 3, I think there were 14 questions in total, mostly numerical related to case-study (6-7 pages). First question was written one, and there were two video recording questions related to some specific technology article.


What area are you applying to? For stage 3, were questions situational based? If so, can you give an example? In addition, what type of questions did they ask you on the video part? How would you recommend preparing? Thanks in advance:)


I did stage 2 like 10/11 days ago… but I think I’ve passed. If I failed they wouldve sent an automated email straight way


How difficult were the case study questions? what sort of stuff do you have to write? and how many words is this?


For stage 2 what did those that progressed to stage 3 get for strengths and weaknesses.

My weakness was: Agile learner (I think because I took ages on it as I thought it wasn’t timed)
Numerical Reasoning: Mid-level

A little worried especially about the numerical reasoning score.


Did the feedback tell you it was timed?