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Apparently you don’t hear back if everything has gone okay. How soon after completing them did you get asked for extra info?


Hey I’m also waiting for the Cos. Have you already submitted your degree certificate or studies completion letter to the immigration team?


Not to sound paranoid or anything but given the 8 weeks visa processing time won’t there be a lot of internationals missing the start date/ induction? Especially since the CoS might take until late July or even August to arrive at this rate?


Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I received my BRP last week. I chose to do priority service instead as I didn’t want to wait for 8 weeks. Priority service cost £500 more but you get a decision within 5 working days.

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congratulations and well done. I think I’ll do the same. I imagine you got the CoS a while back then.
Was the visa application process straightforward in general?


I had my partner interview on Tuesday, and I just got an email saying that I had passed but I’ve been placed on the reserve list. What’s the likelihood of actually gaining a spot.

I applied for the UK&I assurance business apprenticeship.


Hi, what are the steps after you submit your dociments? Did you basically just wait for the CoS and made the appointment yourself? Or did they arrange the appointment for you? I’ve been reaching out to the immigration team but there’s no response :sob:


Hey, I’m in the same situation. Havent heard back from the immigration team regarding the Cos. Have you submitted your degree certificate to them?


Hi firstly, belated congratulations on the offer, I would really appreciate it if you provided some tips on how to prepare for the final interview please. Many thanks in advance.


On the work permit FAQs they say “You are able to start work for EY in the UK whilst your application is pending, provided that an application was made prior to your current visa expiring.” So I’m not worried about missing out on induction or anything.

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Had my partner interview today. Discussion went well. Feel like I could have answered some questions better. Partner was really nice and I think my chances are alright. Starting to really overthink how I did though…next week can’t come soon enough.


felt the exact same, just try to occupy yourself with things to do in the meantime. I had mine last Thursday and no update yet (called them yday). Bloke on the phone said 7-10 day response time.

What service line did you apply to?


FSO Assurance, London. What about you?

I wish I asked the partner if I could be notified sooner, because I’m holding onto another offer but the deadline is next week and I need to know whether to accept that or EY in the event I get EY’s offer. Emailed Student Recruitment about this but don’t know how responsive they’ll be. Good luck and hope you get good news.


Cybersecurity London. Student recruitment speed can slow. Can’t you accept your offer and then reject It? I know a few people who have done exactly that. Goodluck with it all.


Hi, I hope it all goes well, could you elaborate on the topics discussed/question please? Many thanks


Anyone attend the AC last week on the 8th and get an offer for a partner interview and still waiting for it to be scheduled? I received the email that I had a partner interview a week a go so getting a bit worried that I’ve not heard anything yet :confused:


Did you hear back?


I got my partner interview date for next week. It says my interview is for 45 minutes but from looking on here everyone’s said theirs was for 30… I wonder if it’ll be the full 45.


I think it depends on the partner. I had my partner interview last week and it lasted roughly 45-50mins.


My assessment centre was on the 11th June and still haven’t had my partner interview scheduled… so wouldn’t worry about having to wait a week