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Cheers man! Best of luck with the partner interview, FSO Assurance in London. What group were you in yesterday?


Yeah, got the email earlier today


Congrats! Which service line did you apply to and what office? Best of luck!


I applied for UK&I Cyber Security in London. Thanks - good luck to you too!


My guy uno! Good to see some fellow Asians doing well haha


I was in dark blue. Good luck to you too!


Just got a call from EY to set up my final interview - London Assurance, which is going to take place Wednesday - July 3rd.


Congratulations! Is it for UK&I or FSO? Also when did you do your assessment centre?


Nice congrats! You attended the AC on the 20th right? I also attended this, so hopefully get a call before the weekend! Let us know how it goes! Also, if anyone else attended the AC on the 20th and get a call/email to schedule the partner interview please let us know!


Ah nice. I’m waiting for the same. I hope it’s soon because it’s going to be difficult for me to get away during the following week.


@Shadeknife_Hisser, @S96HD, @Mint9

Hey, thanks. I think it’s worth giving them an email and asking them if they can speed up the process. I did that on Monday when I was waiting to hear back regarding whether I passed the AC, and they replied on Tuesday saying that I did pass. I emailed them the same day again asking if they can schedule the interview ASAP because I have another offer that I’m sitting on whose deadline is soon, and they gave me the call today.

I applied for Assurance FSO, and did the London AC on June 20th. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Just to update, still no communication. Called EY on Wednesday to check up again and they said you’re definitely on the list to be scheduled for the partner interview.

I applied to Graduate Cybersecurity in London. Passed the AC on 11th June. Still no partner interview scheduled yet.

I met a guy at my assessment centre who was applying to assurance apprenticeship. He messaged me saying he’s had his partner interview this week.

I’m beginning to think that it really has to do with getting enough candidates through the AC to give partners choice. In total on the day there were 5 applicants for the cyber program.

Anybody here applied to the London Cybersecurity Graduate program and still waiting or had a partner interview?


Hey, did your partner interview get scheduled ?


Graduate Cybersecurity London


Hello. I think that genuinely your specific partner just hasn’t had free time.

I got a call to schedule mine and she told me Monday just came clear at short notice, and if I didn’t take it that it could be weeks and she didn’t know.


I attended the London AC on 11th June and applied for the Tax Graduate programme in London.

I emailed EY a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d passed the AC and they informed me I had and that someone would be in touch “in due course” to arrange a partner interview. Still haven’t heard anything…

Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?


Quite a few of us here are in the same position as you. It’s to do with partner availability mainly. I spoke to a friend in their recruitment team, who says roles are still available and they generally account for the fact that there will be people who have received offers but end up going elsewhere or not meeting the requirements.


HR person who originally scheduled my final interview for July 3rd emailed me to tell me the partner had to cancel. The new date is July 12th, as there is not a single earlier slot. RIP.


Hi, those of you that have managed to get your partner interview scheduled, were you given some pre-work to prepare/complete?


Yeah we did