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Yeah I got mine too, finally haha


Hey Jimmy, when was your partner interview and AC?


Hello guys,

I’ve received an email yesterday saying that I failed the AC (I’ve already done the partner interview before) which got me feeling quite down for the day but I have just received a call offering me the position and saying the email was a mistake. moral of the story, don’t panic if you get an email saying you’re rejected after the AC.

Best of luck to everyone else who did or is doing the AC. I thought mine didn’t go that well but here we are.


Hello guys,

I just received an email to do a partner interview. Can anyone give me some advice on how to prepare? what kind of questions will they ask?


The questions based on the prework can vary, but as long as you do some thorough research you will be fine. They may ask how you researched/prepared your prework, so know your prework inside and out. EY’s publications and website are all good starting places for research.

The other questions will most likely be why EY, why this office, why this service line, so make sure you’ve thought of how you would answer those types of questions. They may also ask what you feel would be the most challenging parts about the role, so have a think about this too.


Has anyone here received an offer without A levels? (I only have AS levels, however I am AAT qualified and also got a First-class certification in Accounting & Finance with 4 years experience within Finance)


Anyone know how good the regional salaries are for assurance? I know Deloitte offers £24k and wanted to check how EY compares since the offer letter will take a week to arrive.


Hi I received my paperwork for assurance in Cambridge. The guideline from last year is £24,800, but could rise before I start depending on the annual pay meeting or something:) hope this helps


Thanks! So I see there’s not that much difference between the big 4 for graduate salaries.


Hi Weibin,

I applied for Business Modeling in London office and finished my video interview last week. Would you mind telling me how long it takes from video to Experience Day? Also, it would be really appreciated if you can share some of your experiences in the Experience Day thanks!


Has anyone applied in Edinburgh got the invitation to the AC yet?


I received an email saying that they will arrange a partner interview for me last Thursday, and I am now still waiting for the arrangement. I attended AC on 7th of May. Does anyone have the same situation as me?


Hi does anyone know when you get a confirmation email? I received a phone call last week from the partner that interviewed me saying he would like to offer the job.


Just got an email telling me that someone will call me to arrange a partner interview. Have you received any email yet?


Hi, it took me around 2-3weeks to the day.

Yes that’s no problem you can add my WhatsApp 07576188557 if you need some more advice

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I received the offer last week, since I finished my partner interview before the assessment centre, good luck to your partner interview !

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oh that awesome. Congrats!
Thanks. Any tips for the partner interview?


Congratulations!!! I applied the same as you but I haven’t received AC invitation:sob:. Could you please add me whatsapp (07514106438) or wechat (iLoveC46) if possible, many thanks in advance.


I passed stage 3 well over a month ago, but I’ve still yet to hear from them regarding stage 4. Is anyone else in this position?

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Thank u :smiley: