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Just got a phone call from the recruitment team that I got invited to a partner interview on 9th May. (only two days after). And I attended the 30th AC. I think if you pass the AC then you can get a partner in (or the other way around. )They have like over 100 people on AC day so it’s not likely to arrange a par in for so many people. Just my thoughts.


Good luck to your interview!
Could I ask what program and service line are you applying for?


Hii, congratulations !!! May I ask what is your order number in the 30th assessment centre ? because I still haven’t heard back yet ( I attended the 30th assessment centre), I am wondering if they are processing in terms of the order number ? Thanks !


I got my assurance offer last week, and they said they’d email details within 3 working days but I’ve yet to receive anything :confused:
is anyone else in the same boat?


Hi I’m in the exact same position as you do. I was contacted last Wed but it has been a week since.

Did you ring them up to see what’s going on? I emailed them today but I did not receive any reply yet.


Yeah same!

I haven’t yet, I think I’ll give it til friday.


I unfortunately wasn’t successful at the AC this Tuesday but what surprised me is that the feedback report didn’t have any feedback at all. It’s just a list of the strengths EY look for without any mention to how I performed in any of them, somewhat disappointed.

Oh Well, at least I got another big 4 offer which I’m definitely accepting now.


Hi all.

I’ve got to stage four, “learning about you”, and it states that they’ll be shortlisting candidates for the assessment day.

I was wondering if anyone knows how rigorous the shortlisting is?



Hi there, I attended the assessment centre on 30th, but I still didn’t receive any message from EY , no rejection and no offer, who knows what’s going on ? is there anyone else has the same situation as me ?:sob:


Same. I have no clue what’s going on. I emailed them and didn’t get a reply either. Perhaps we are on some waiting list. That’s just a guess.


I recommend giving them a phone call - they’re very nice on the phone and I instantly got connected to someone in recruitment. :slight_smile:


Has anyone been invited to the June ACs yet?


hey Owen! Your status shows they’ll be shortlisting instead of UNDER REVIEW?


Not yet.


It says that it’s under review, meaning that they’re shortlisting everyone.


thx. when did you finish your video interview?


I finished it last week on Wednesday, wasn’t too bad! I’m on the apprenticeship scheme with a service line in assurance.


I believe they shortlist and send invitations out around 2 weeks before.


I think so. Guess they invite people 10 days before AC. So there should be no AC in May.


I have received my offer this afternoon, did you get yours?