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I got invited to a partner interview, not sure if it is considered the next stage or just a part of this stage
I attended on the 30th April


I attended AC on 30th April and got invited for a partner interview the day after (1st May) and it said it will be arranged within a week. Still waiting for partner interview to be arranged.


omg, I just checked my email, mine saying "You’ve made it through to stage 3, learning on the job for the UKI Assurance Graduate programme " as well. However, I also choose financial services. I think it might be a system error?


Yeah I rang again and HR said to me that they think it could be an error on the system and put me into contact with someone who could help, but they haven’t responded since its a bank holiday weekend.

Luckily there is no partner interview so I think at the AC it shouldn’t matter too much about which stream we are in atm, but fingers crossed like you said it is just an error


Don’t worry too much, I think we can mention this to them on the AC day if there is an appropriate chance. By the way, good luck with your AC!


Yeah, I’m sure it’ll all get sorted, Thanks you too! :smile:


Hi, I’ve done stage 3 and my status showed ‘Experienced Day: Under review’ I dont know if it means I passed or what is happening, I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks. I found this forum very helpful. Could u please add me to the whatsapp group 07776700736


when did you submit your video interview?


just got the email saying ‘Thanks for completing learning on the job and your patience while we review all applications – we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.’ I thought it was about the outcome of ’ EXPERIENCE DAY UNDER REVIEW’. Is anyone in the same situation? I guess the system just automatically generated this email.


Hi Chris! I got this email as well


Hi Chris, I havent recieved that email but I generally recieve those on Fridays


Hi I got AC tomorrow! Can anyone please add me to the Whatsapp group 07913402061.


I received the email as well this morning


I received that email 4 weeks ago. Haven’t received any update emails for about 2 weeks now. Used to get them every Tuesday for 3 weeks after completing stage 3.


Hi guys, I received an email to say that they will be in touch if shortlisted by the end of the month. I applied for Business Consulting, London. Thought I would share in case anyone has applied for the same line!
Does this mean they shortlist for different service lines at different times?


Do you also need visa sponsorship?


Not sure if this was in response to my message but if yes, no I don’t.


Hi, does anyone know that for people who attended AC on 23rd and 30th, do they only get invited to partner interview if they are successfully passed the AC? As I was invited but the email that inviting me did not specify whether I have passed the AC or not, while I know some people who get invited to receive an email saying that they have successfully passed the AC. Thanks!


I received the email last Friday saying that a member of the Recruitment Team will contact me to arrange a time for my partner interview. It did not say whether I passed the AC or not.


I was thinking the same thing. Not sure if its the next stage or whether they are taking performance of both interview and AC into consideration now?.
Has anyone who attended on the 23rd/30th not been invited to a partner interview?