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Mines been like that for 6 weeks


Apparently, on the skype call yesterday the HR rep said it says in the email we got in our invite to the AC. I remember mine saying something along the lines of well done for passing stage 3 of UKI It risk and assurance. I did speak to the recruitment team about though and they said I should be on Financial services, so now tbh I am not sure at all haha


Anyone who got the 7th may ac would care to share their Id number so I can compare with mine to see where I am in the queue


Hi, yeah mines been like that since 3rd april, I phoned up the recruitment team and they said they generally try to fit candidates to assessment centres in the cities they applied to. what city/role have you applied to? mines manchester/transactions.


yeah I wouldnt worry to much its only been a week and theirs 4 assessment centres in june (according to their website) and they most likely have alot of candidates who have been waiting longer and who have applied to london that they will give a chance to in the may assessment centres.


Do we have a partner interview on 7th May? cuz I didn’t receive any pre work.


Just received an update saying that I will be contacted to arrange a partner interview. I went to the AC on the 23rd April.

Anyone else from the 23rd April AC got an update? They are sending the outcomes today I think.


yeah i think only those who need visa sponsorship should worry about that. June is fine for others.


Not yet. I’ve been checking my emails every hour lol. How about you?


When do they normally start inviting applicants for ACs.


Has anyone who attended the AC on April 30th heard back yet?


I’m not familiar with the processes for candidates who require a work visa but if companies have a cut off date they need to meet then it makes sense, though its a bummer for those who dont require one! :(.


Hi, I am not as well. I am so worried about it but I realised my online profile changed today, so I think maybe they are processing now ?


No​:sob::sob:, I am soo worried about it!


got an invite to a partner interview, not sure if it is because we didn’t have one on the day or whether it is the next stage. (was invited yesterday)


Hi! Congrats on your partner interview!

Mind if i ask what role did you apply for, and was it FSO or UK&I?


Hiii , Congratulations! did you attend the assessment centre on April 30th? I didn’t receive any message from EY so far:sob:


Hi, I’m sorry but I’m really not sure about this, but I did hear about someone applying for interns successfully change their office locations, I would suggest you to ring them about for more details then.


Hi, anyone receive results from AC on 30th Apr?


Yes I attended on the 30th April