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Hey, did you apply to the grad scheme or summer internship? And have you had an update since being put on the waiting list?



Could I ask after the AC when were you invited to attend the interview?
Did you receive any email saying you passed AC?



@Tyler1 I’m pretty new to the site myself and been trying and failing to send you a pm over the last few minutes. if it’s nothing too private reach me here on the forum or else just email ZhengWeiWiki234@outlook.com


Hi yes I was told via email the second day I attended the AC, then 2 days after I was contacted by phone to arrange a partner interview. Hope this helps!


Just wanted to find out if everyone gets invited to a partner interview or only those who were successful at the AC?


Hi, did you receive an invitation to the AC at the end? My portal has exactly the same message as yours and I am applying for London Actuarial.

Thank you very much.


It was quite a useful call I’ve recorded the audio in case I needed to go back on any of the details so I might be able to answer any questions related to the skype call.


hey ZhengWei,

Is it possible to share your audio? I missed the first part of the call as there is no voice and I need to figure out that at the first part of the meeting.


Thank you so much if you can do that !!


Hi!! Is anyone’s portal, stage 4 bar has been yellow shaded and next up is Assessment Center (showing please ensure that you have your EY log in details to hand when you attend. balabala) , but current status is EY Experience Day under review? I have been like this for about a week, is this normal? Does anyone know? Thanks!:sob:


Hi Caroline, I’m not sure if I can send in the entire audio file but I can try. Essentially, Katie talked about herself and each for the service lines for about 7 minutes then mentioned that it’s really important to choose carefully. I didn’t record the first few minutes as I’ve only thought about the audio during the call but I’m happy to help


same here. When did you submit the stage 3?


4.24, and u?


4.22 similar date LOL. Hope there is an answer soon. Which service line are you applying for


Congratulations on the offer! I was wondering if you had any info on the possibility of transferring departments within a stream and if they are flexible with that. I had applied for fs but have been invited to an ac for uk&I :confused:


Hi Sandra, did u receive any message so far ?


how could you know whether you are allocated to FS or UK&I at the AC stage? I think we choose which departments we would like to go after complete the video assessment, but at the AC stage, I don’t think they told you which department you are allocated?


the same date for me. I have called the recruitment who told me that we were in the queue and people who submitted video interview before us would be handled first. My friend who submitted hers on 17 April got her AC invite which took place on May 7th a week ago. I guess there are 4000 applicant between her and me as i calculated the difference between her ID and mine.


it also means there aren’t enough AC places for us and it is based on business needs according to another pick up woman.


having 4000 applicants between you and your friend doesn’t mean that all these 4000 have passed the stage 3. I think only few of them passed to the final stage. Let’s wait and who got an email first just drop a message here maybe?