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Thank you!! ,yes, of course. Will let you know if there are sth important :slight_smile:


Ahh guess I will get similar reply. Still, let u all know when they reply. Thanks!


My portal has been on awaiting communication for nearly 6 weeks. Is this normal? When I called the lady from recruitment she said they’re still reviewing my application. Haven’t received any of those update emails for about two weeks now too. Weird thing is they would’ve rejected me by now if I didn’t make it to the Acs I think. Anyone in the same boat or has been?


Not yet!


Bit weird, might be worth giving them a call again soon. I was in similar situation and called and got the invitation to the assessment centre the day after. However in my case I knew I passed stage 3 straight away, it was just a case of AC allocation.


The reason might be that the places are limited and they need shortlisting. When everyone reaches the benchmark, they gotta handpick. :rofl:


not yet. They said by friday or monday when I asked


Hi! congratulations! by the way, do you have some suggestions on the pwc ac, I 'm invited but feel quite nervious


I have wait for 20 days for the result of stage3, the page always write :we are reviewing your answers. Is there anyone knowing what happened?


Hi, I’m pretty new on this website, not sure how to pm you, how do I get in contact?


I just received my offer yesterday and tbh I find this forum extremely helpful and I really hope you guys can also make it as well!

I applied for Graduate Assurance (FSO) in London office and I attended my AC on 23rd April. I went for the partner interview this Monday morning and was contacted yesterday for the offer!

If anyone needs any help or advice on AC or partner interview preparation, feel free to drop me a PM!


That’s great news congrats!! I’m not sure how to pm so would be helpful if you could message me please? I would love to hear about how your partner interview went and any advice you have for that. Thank you!


Hi that’s no problem! For me the interview lasted exactly 30 mins, it started with partner’s introduction and my self-intro. Then the pre-work went and followed by around 10mins of discussion of the pre-work. Then some typical interview questions about why EY and why assurance (as it is in my case) etc. Finally you will get around 5-8mins to ask questions to the partner.

For the suggestion, I would say do your research on your pre-work topic to a wider aspect and be really familiar with what you are going to talk, because the follow-up questions regarding the pre-work would be very open-ended but the partner would also like to see whether you really understand what you are presenting.
But more importantly I would say do expect such typical and common motivational questions about why you want to work at EY and why especially this service line. Do go through the career page of EY and come up with your genuine answers for them. Cuz during the day I felt really nervous and did not really perform well in the pre-work, but when asked about these questions, I did show my passion and genuine interest in working at EY and in particular my chosen service line. So I think that might be really important.
I hope that you could also make it through! Good Luck!:grin:


Aw that’s great! Thank you so much, really appreciate that. Hopefully :grimacing:


Has anyone who went to the 23rd April AC, and applied to tax graduate at a regional office (outside London) received any reply?


Hi Weibin,

Congratulations on your offer!
Can I ask if HR gave you a call before you receive the official offer document?



Hey visnu_j I haven’t - have you? I have applied to Manchester


Do you know if anyone who’s applied to tax London has found out their outcome after the 23rd AC?


Haven’t received a reply yet


Hi yes they would call before sending out official letter.