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I’m assuming you have just completed stage 3, mine was like that when i completed then I got invited to attend an assessment day. However when it changes to this i think it means you met the benchmark for stage 3 and they are comparing your responses with other candidates.


Haven’t found anything related to the skype call until now. :unamused:


My status is the same as yours. I have called the recruitment team and they said it meant we are in the shortlisting process and staff would contact us individually. But i am afraid we are unable to go to May 7th AC, which is the last one for those requiring sponsorship.


How do you know that AC is the last one for sponsorship?


Anyone applying to tax from the 23rd April AC heard back yet???


I did contact the recruitment team but they just re sent me the document that says to bring your right to work in the UK, How annoying lol!

I guess they dont give structured guidance of the day as some other places will tell you the tasks you face but obviously not the details.

How is your prep going?


Congratulations on the offer! Any help or insight to the day would be much appreciated :smile:


Is there anyone got any message after the 30th assessment centre ?


No, did you get any message?


no , I did not as well


I just received an email from them that there will be a Skype Call tomorrow at 17:00.
Not sure what kind of things could I prepare :joy:


they stated it in the email my friend received who got an AC that day.


congrats! I guess your skills and why you want to work at EY etc. What did you apply for?


hi is there a skype call before AC?


Yeah I got the same email as well and I’ll probably attend the skype call tomorrow.

For anyone doing the assessment centre on the 7th in London, I assume it’s only assurance, please feel free to pm me to discuss prep for the assessment centre.

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Oh noooooo :frowning: I emailed EY about that anyway, will let you know once got their reply


it’s Reading Assurance


I got an email saying that there will be a Skype call tomorrow 17:00.


aha i called EY as well to check the credibility. The pick up man said he would not comment on it and only the recruitment team know it.


good luck with everything. would much appreciate it if you could share it a bit after the call.