EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW


I haven’t received anything as well. Might be because of the service line we applied to.


Visnu_j do you know how long we may have to wait up to?


Not sure to be honest. I recall that it would take within a week. I spoke to student recruiment today, and they said call back next Friday if you have not received a reply. It depends on your service line.

But, watch out, you could receive a reply beginning of next week or even today.


Ohhh okay. Thank you very much - super nervous. It seems like a lot of assurance candidates have found out


You had your AC in London despite you applying to Manchester?


Yeah they invited me to the London one and i didn’t wanna take my chances incase they recruit on a first come, first served basis


Hello guys, for those who received an offer, how long did EY give you to respond? Because I’ve received an offer from another of the big 4 a while back and they only gave me 5 working days to accept or decline so I wanted to check how EY compare?


I think 14 days

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They gave me 14 days before the offer expired

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Anyone has AC on 7th of May London?


Hey Caroline, I don’t have an AC, but do you? and if you do what service line?


Hi Tolani,

I have. My service line is assurance


Hey Caro! I had one at EY London the same date as you! How was your prep going? DM me to see if we can do prep together!


Hey can anyone tell me what preparation do I need for the assessment centre? I have mine on Tuesday!


Hi, do you mean 7th june?


No, it’s May


Hey Sidney,

Have PM you :slight_smile:


Ah did they send you an invite through email as that date isn’t on their website?


Yes, you will receive a email saying that you can choose you AC date and then you log on to your account and you can see the date that you can choose


Hey Msk,
did you attend the Skype call?