EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW


I haven’t received my outcome yet. Starting to think it wasn’t great


Do you know what time of yesterday did they receive their outcome? Was it mixed, like some people were successful and some are not?


It was mixed and around 3-6pm x


Has anyone who attended 23rd AC receive an update on their portal saying that “Thanks for attending our learning in person centre. We’ll contact you with an update soon.” ?


Nooo. Has anyone found out yet?


I wouldn’t worry it took me a week to hear after the AC and nearly 2 weeks following the partner interview. It all depends who the partner is and how quick they are in making a decision


Oh really? Thank you. Has anyone heard anything tonight?


Hi, I did. My portal was still showing these words until now, but I actually got a reply from them this morning by email.


What did your reply say ???


What did you apply for?


I got through to the partner interview


Assurance, London office


Has anyone else found out


Anybody not get the update emails from EY this week, I assume we should hear back soon for the upcoming AC’s.


Do you mean update emails for those who attended on the 23rd?


No for those who are waiting to get invited to an AC


What service line/location did you apply to?


Visnu_j - I applied to Indirect Tax Manchester, you?


Tax Birmingham


And you’ve not had your AC outcome yet?