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Hey guys,

I completed Stage 3 on 14th April and I got this email today: Thanks for completing learning on the job and your patience while we review all applications – we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Does this guarantee that I will (at some point) attend an assessment centre? Do I lose hope? There is not one until June.

Best of luck to everyone!


So the assessment centre had 4 activities. They consist of group work, a numerical test, and explaining ideas and decisions to an assessor.

They are not that bad but the time pressure can be a problem.


I think it means that they’re just reviewing your Learning on the Job stage right now, and comparing your performance to all the other candidates. There is no guarantee that you will be invited to an assessment centre later on, unless they update you otherwise. Good luck


Hey, no need to lose hope as they still have quite a few ACs. I think. Which office did you apply for?


I have seen a few comments from people saying their status said “Under Review” for over a month and I was wondering if they even bother telling you you were not successful. I applied for Business Consulting, London :slight_smile:


They will definitely respond whether or not you passed, they are just a bit slow. I waited 5 weeks before I got a response. You can also call student recruitment to ask if your application is still being reviewed, just in case


anyone knows how long it will take to get a pass or not after the AC? all my friends get email except me…so worried…


I’m in the exact same position. I attended the 23rd AC and a few people I know have found out…super nervous


From what they’ve said like 2 were and 2 weren’t


did you have you partner interview on the day?


Did they all say that they were successful?


no…half half



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no partner interview



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That’s so fast! When did they receive the notification?


Did all your friends pass the AC?


yesterday afternoon~



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Applied for business consulting as well… haven’t heard anything either. Not counting on it anymore tbh


they did say that we will hear back in 7 days so maybe you could still get it.


has everyone who attended the AC had their portal status change. Mine still says “Congratulations! Your attendance at our learning in person centre is confirmed.”


Hiiii , have you received any information about the result of your assessment centre so far ? because my friend has the same situation as you, thanks