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do u know the exact staring time is 10:30 or 9:30?


Went through the exact same process. Did my partner interview first and will be attending the AC on 30th. Have you completed the numerical test as well? Was wondering if we will be required to re-do the numerical test during the AC if we’ve already completed it online?


Anyone attending the AC on 30th? If so, have you completed your partner interview (via Skype) and numerical test online beforehand? Wanted to ask if the numerical test will be re-tested during the AC?


Hi, I am not sure as well. Therefore, i will adjust my travel time so that i could arrive earlier just in case!


Did you have to do a numerical test on the day?


Hey Kelly, are you sure that if you’ve completed the numerical test on the portal - we don’t have to redo the numerical test on the AC?


Hiii , may I ask your service line ? is it IT risk and assurance ? cuz i have the same situation as u and did my partner interview first , thanks


Hey there. Yes it’s for IT and Risk Assurance service line.


Hiiii , did u receive a risk conference call from EY ! so it means the process of our service line is different ?


yes I did on the day. 20 min


Hi,I received the call email, and I guess maybe it’s just an introduction of this line?


Did you also complete the numerical test on the online portal before the AC?


Hii , have you got the offer from EY or you will attend the next assessment centre?


No, I didn’t. I did it on the day of the AC.


Nothing my end, my portal still showing as waiting for forms to be submitted but I did it straight away :man_facepalming:t2: they are a wee bit slow at updating systems methinks! Also, it said in my offer letter I would require to submit exam certificates, not sure when this has to be done!


Anyone know what happens with your offer if you don’t reach your predicted degree classification? Are they quite lenient on it since they don’t have a 2.1 requirement?


I think if you just miss out, so 2.2 instead instead of a 2.1, it should be fine.

They technically don’t have a minimum grade requirement, just based on these tests, but they expect you to maintain your academic performance


Hey does anyone know when you will find out the outcome after the assessment centres?


Anyone know how many people they hire in Assurance for London anyway?


Hey do you mind sharing any insight into the AC on 23rd? How did it go?