EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW


If i’m not wrong, if you are under student visa (Tier 4). Just bring your BRP along with you will do?


Yes I am under student visa (tier 4). So you just took your BRP?


Yeap! I am bringing my BRP and passport along for the AC


oh thank you. When is your AC? Mine is 30th.


when did you complete stage 3?


i completed stage 3 on 29th march and got invited to AC two and a half weeks later.


Hi, my assessment centre is at 30th as well, may I ask what is your service line ? Thanks a lot


Hi there, just to clarify, will the experience day on the 23rd April (tomorrow) start at 10:30am and finish at 5:30pm?


Bristol assurance. How about you?


Yes. That’s the time slot that appears on my application hub


Ok Thanks, just asking as I have to now change my travel times with HRG. My portal showed 9:30 before.


London IT Risk and assurance


UKI Assurance! Can someone please confirm the assessment centre address for tomorrow’s assessment day? I can’t find it in my correspondence…


Hi Rochelle, could you please add me in the group? My number is 4407376116648


Hi , I am also going to the AC tomorrow, would you add me in the whatsapp group? +447376116648


I have my AC tomorrow at the design museum at Kensington.

By the way, anyone travelling from out of London tomorrow? If so, did you try to change your travel time during the Easter weekend because of the confusion of the starting and finishing time?

HRG could not change mine because of the Easter weekend (out of hours).


Hey I have my AC tomorrow :slight_smile: Can you add me to the Whats App group 07539 511138


hi,I will also attend the AC on 23rd, could u pls add me into whatsapp my phone is 447495799078, many thanks


Hi, I am also attending the AC tmr, could you add me into the whats app group (07477896795)? Many Thanks.


is there anyone can make sure the accurate time of tomorrow AC, is it 10:30 or 9:30???