EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW


I applied a long time ago. around September/October


Mine says 1030 to1730! But I do remember that it’s supposed to be from 0930 to 1630 on the email though.


What role have you applied for?


Cheers. Do all English offices do ICAS? I was really confused


Nope. I thought they did some on their own, and then occasionally they might contact you before working on a specific client


same, so is it at 10:30 then and not 9:30??


Yeah. In the email, they said 9:30am (UCT) , which means 10:30am in our timezone


Has anyone that applied for London Tax been invited to the upcoming April AC’s?


Anyone from London assurance been invited too


Hi i think it depends on what service line your going into. I got offered to do an ACA with ICAEW


Is that Tax though? If so, which area within tax, and which location?


Actually, I will attend the next assessment centre at 30th April, but I have passed my partner interview before my assessment centre and my service line is IT risk and assurance , is there anyone else has the same situation as me ?


Yes within the tax department in Birmingham, however I am joining via an apprenticeship scheme not graduate and I have asked some graduates and they are doing ICAS. I guess it depends on what scheme your doing.

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Hi my assessment centre is at 30th April, I had to do my partner interview first before my AC has anyone else gone through this aswell and does it mean that the hard part is out the way aswell since i did really well in my partner interview?


I would imagine so, I did mine the other way around

You got any advice for the partner interview btw?


Depends, did you get feedback after the interview? or was it that everyone that did the interview first go on to the AC afterwards?


Just be natural and have a positive mental attitude


I got feedback and then now i have to go to the assessment centre on the 30th i was wondering if anyone else went through this aswell


oh right mine was the other way around, but I would say that you are in a good position now because you only have to pass the AC to secure a position without waiting for a partner interview or them having availability


Any non EU people here? They asked us to bring an immigration status letter to the AC. Anyone know what that means?Where to get it? Anyone got one before? Help