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London assurance


London, Business Consulting.


Did anyone else apply to Business Consulting in London? And more recently? I’m kinda curious. I hope I have a shot cause I know it’s high in demand and super competitive


Hey guys- I did Stage 3 on Sunday (14th April) and my Current Status has changed to "Thank you! Learning about you application submitted. We’ll contact you with an update soon*
Was hoping to hear back for either 23rd (maybe not) or 30th April- can anyone else advise what their status currently states?


EY Experience day - under review
Please await further communication


Did yours say anything like mine before? Worried slightly as it makes me feel like it’s gone back to Stage 1, ha!


It did for like a day and then I remember it changed to this status. It’s now been like this for a month.


Has anyone who will be attending the 23rd April AC already received the pre work task?


Hi I asked the recruitment team and they said there would be no need for prework task for Experience Day 23rd. Only those who get through the assessment centre will be invited to the Partner Interview


Hi guys, does everyone confirm with recruitment team that we have to do the numerical test again in the spot?


I see. Thank you so much for the info!

Did they say approximately how long after the AC that we will actually receive the results?


My portal has been on EY - Experience day please await further communication for over a month. Should I be worried? I think it’s too late to be invited for the AC on the 30th now i think the next one is on the 4th of June.


For Graduate Tax London what qualifications will we study towards? Is it with the ICAEW or ICAS?


Don’t be worried, I was the same. There’s still plenty more Experience Days coming up (check the website) so you could get any one of those


I read somewhere people get invited a week before so could still be on for 30th :slight_smile: !

Mine finally changed to that status and overall it’s taken a week (started my application on the 10th) for the 3 stages to be complete- hoping this last stage does not take too long.


For anyone attending the assessment centres on 23rd or 30th!
I emailed earlier and received this automatic response regarding the pre work.

If you are scheduled to attend the EY Experience Day on 23rd or 30th April, please note that there will be no partner interviews on the day therefore you will not be required to complete pre work. If successful at the assessment centre we will arrange a partner interview for you on a separate day.




23rd April, the assessment centre address is so weird. is it design museum?


Has anyone with an offer been contacted about the background checks yet?


No worries. They didn’t say when we would receive the result. I think you can ask them on the day if you really want to know.

Btw for EY Experience Day on 23rd April in London, what is the starting time on your Application Hub?