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Have you done your partner interview? And what role did you apply for? Ill be attending the AC on the 23rd but have not been invited for a partner interview.


Hi here,

I will also attend AC on 23rd April. Did you get the pre work material?

Thank you!


No i haven’t heard back, by any chance have you had your partner interview for the business modelling scheme?


yeah, had it last week. Are you going to the AC on the 23rd?


Got another update email for the third time. Been nearly a month since I did stage 3. Portal still on Ey-experience day please await further communication. Anyone been invited to the AC on the 30th yet.


Just got my first update email :sob: What did you apply to?


Hi Rochelle, my WhatsApp num is +447841226590, could you please add me in the AC prep group? Thank you!


I applied to London assurance. Every Tuesday morning I get an email saying they’re still reviewing my application.


Hi, is anyone who is attending the assessment centre on the 23rd able to let me know where to find the information mentioned in the email “Before the day we’ll ask you to do some work to bring along with you for discussion with one of our senior leader. You’ll have a chance to select one of three topics to focus on.”? I have looked on the online portal but can only find a page with the location details, and the standard FAQ type pages.


Yes I have. I got an email this afternoon


Yes I have. I got an email this afternoon.


How long did you have to wait to get invited from when you submitted stage 3?


Hi, I’m going to AC on 23rd too. I think they will send us the topics this week but I haven’t received the email from them either. If tomorrow they don’t send me the topics, I will email them to ask about it.


my portal has been stuck on please await further communication for over 3 weeks was yours a similar time to


I submitted on 29th March. So we can say 2 and a half weeks.


Yeah same. Mine was stuck there too for roughly two and a half weeks.


that makes me feel much better… I applied on April 1st. What role did you apply to?


I sumbitted mine on the 24th so hopefully i should hear back soon


Leeds Assurance. You?


All the best. What role did you apply for?