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Thanks, I just checked mine (after about 24 hours) and the booking times are available now. I think the system was just lagging a bit


Did anyone attend the Leeds offer holder event this evening?
I couldn’t attend due to work - I’m just wonder if I missed out on anything important, or if it was mainly a meet and greet type event?


My portal says EY Experience Day - Under review please await further communication. It’s been like this for nearly 3 weeks now and I’ve seen they’ve started to invite people to the AC on the 23rd of April. I get an email every week saying they’re still reviewing applications and they’ll be in touch soon. For people who got invited to the AC on the 23rd how long did you have to wait for your portal to change?


For those attending the AC on the 23rd. Will we still have to do a numerical test on the day?
Also regarding the partner interviews, are they done on the day or do only successful AC candidates get a partner interview on a separate day?


It took a month for me


What business area did you apply for? Did you get the update emails too


Okay cool. I’m guessing they sent the Invitation around 2 weeks before the AC.


Hi here,

I will attend AC on 23rd April. Can I know Who will attend the AC on 23rd April? Anyone who attended it before? could you please share me some tips?



I will also attend AC on April 23rd. Would you mind to add my whatsapp +447491219221? Thx


Has anyone here done any background checks? Or knows when they are done? I have received my offer.


same as me, please add my whatsapp+447454854689


Hi Kelly, I have an AC coming up on 23rd of April. Would you mind sharing your experience with me if possible?

Thank you and really appreciate it!


Hi Zoe,
What date did you get invited to the AC on the 23rd of April?


hello , could you please share some valuable experience when you prepare the 2 stage


Hi there, I received an email from EY on the 10th of April.


Please can you add me to the WhatsApp group as well!! It’s +447533770448


how do you book a skype call thing? The portal says to find the attachment but there is no attachment.


Has anyone been invited to the AC on the 30th?

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Is anyone going to the offer holder event tonight in London (15th April)


Anyone who has done their partner interview before their assessment centre (Apr 23rd), have you heard back?